‘Alone’: The First Woman Winner Could Happen Soon

In the nine seasons of The History Channel’s reality TV series, Alone, there has never been a woman winner. That might all change with the new season of Alone: Frozen. The spinoff is currently airing with three women and one man remaining. The latest installment began with six returning players who played in one of the first eight seasons of Alone. Take a look at who could be the first woman winner in Alone: Frozen.

'Alone: Frozen' cast members Woniya Thibeault, Callie Russell, and Michelle Finn standing with their arms around each other
‘Alone: Frozen’: Woniya Thibeault, Callie Russell, and Michelle Finn | The History Channel

How long has a woman lasted on ‘Alone’?

Although no woman has won Alone, they’ve certainly come close. Callie Russell, the runner-up from season 7, lasted the longest of any woman in Alone — 89 days. However, the show’s medical team evacuated her due to frostbite on her toes. 

Kielyn Marrone is a close second with 80 days in the same season. She tapped out from starvation. Meanwhile, Woniya Thibeault, season 6’s runner-up, stuck it out for 73 days. One of the few rules in Alone is a mandatory medical assessment weekly at the beginning and every 3-4 days as the show progresses. So, it is often not the player’s choice to leave the competition. If the medical team sees a person with a life-threatening condition, they can pull the individual from the game.

Callie Russell could be the first woman winner in ‘Alone’

Since Callie holds the female record for the longest number of days surviving in Alone, she could likely become the winner of Alone: Frozen. Although she did not manage to shoot a grouse in the latest episode, she did make a nutrient-dense stew with seal fat, mussels, and seaweed. Callie lives a nomadic lifestyle when she’s not competing on Alone, so she is accustomed to living in the wilderness daily.

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Could Michelle win ‘Alone: Frozen’?

Michelle Finn previously competed in Alone Season 8, but she only lasted 21 days before she tapped out due to starvation. The environment in Alone: Frozen is more gruesome than ever because the participants must endure the dead of winter. Although she competed for the shortest number of days in Alone, she had a huge personal victory in Alone: Frozen Episode 3. She shot a grouse giving her much-needed calories.   

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Woniya could win ‘Alone: Frozen’

In Alone Season 6, Woniya Thibeault survived in the wilderness for 73 days, so she has the potential to withstand the 50 days in the grueling winter of Alone: Frozen. The alum tapped out in season 6 due to starvation. She lost 50 pounds and felt confident she was about to be pulled from the show for a low BMI. So, Woniya decided to tap out on her birthday. 

In Alone: Frozen, she recently made a mussel farm to have a continuous supply of shellfish. Despite the winter coming, Woniya has the potential to become the first woman winner in the Alone franchise.

New episodes of Alone: Frozen air Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on History Channel.

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