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Whether he’s cooking slow or whipping up something deliciously quick, Alton Brown always seems to deliver. He’s just not doing it on Food Network anymore. He confirmed on Twitter in May 2022 that he was leaving, but that hasn’t stopped Brown from roasting Food Network on social media.

Alton Brown at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books on April 24, 2022. Brown roasted former employer Food Network on Twitter over an email with a weird expiration date.
Alton Brown | David Livingston/Getty Images

Why Alton Brown left Food Network for the cooking show that helped build his career

Brown announced the Iron Chef reboot on Netflix in his May 2022 tweet. Buried in the replies was his message to a fan confirming he departed Food Network. The popular host and personality on shows such as Good Eats, Iron Chef, and Worst Cooks in America built his healthy net worth starring on the network.

So why did he leave after 20 years?

Brown explained he left Food Network so he could follow Iron Chef to Netflix. The show was a big building block in his successful career, and he wanted to continue with it when it moved to streaming. Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend debuts on Netflix on June 15, 2022.

Brown has nothing to do with Food Network anymore, but he couldn’t stop himself from hilariously calling out his former employer for its email typo.

Brown roasted his former employer with a hilarious tweet, and fans love it

Brown left Food Network to pursue new opportunities, and it seems as if his former employer was also ready to sever the relationship. 

The cable station emailed Brown to let him know his Food Network Kitchen Premium trial would be ending soon — in 2099. Brown took a screenshot of the email and tweeted, “Hey, ⁦@FoodNetwork⁩ thanks for giving me some time to think it over. #2099.”

Brown fans loved his response and replied to his tweet with some witty comments.

“You say that now but when Alton-tron is charged $47.99 in 2099, watch out,” a reply read. “That’s one hell of a trial haha,” read another. 

“Better put the date in your calendar, it’ll arrive before you know it!” one user wrote. “Hopefully they will give you a reminder email in 2098!” someone tweeted.

Brown has less than 80 years to decide what to do about his Food Network Kitchen Premium subscription. He’ll likely continue turning out hilarious tweets and easy and tasty recipes for his fans in the meantime.

Fans can’t get enough of Brown’s recipes, including his spinach artichoke dip


Alton Brown’s Pasta Cooking Hack Will Save You Time and Water

Brown tells us how to prepare breakfast carbonara in 20 minutes. He makes a valid case for adding salt to coffee on his Facebook page and details how to make “positively, absolutely, not real bouillabaisse” on his website, but his spinach artichoke dip is an enduring favorite.

All it takes is a few simple ingredients — spinach and artichokes (obviously), garlic powder, and two types of cheese — and 15 minutes to create this five-star rated fan-favorite. And Brown has hundreds of simple celebrity recipes for free on his website.

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