How Amanda Seyfried Once Reacted to ‘Red Riding Hood’ Being Compared to ‘Twilight’

In 2011, Twilight and Amanda Seyfried’s supernatural film Red Riding Hood were being compared to each other. But Seyfried insisted that the two movies couldn’t have been any more different.

‘Twilight’ director Catherine Hardwicke cast Amanda Seyfried in ‘Red Riding Hood’

Amanda Seyfried smiling while wearing a suit.
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Red Riding Hood was a 2011 movie based on the classic children’s fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood. The movie is a supernatural murder mystery that followed Seyfried and a monster hunter trying to capture a murderous werewolf.

It was a role that required very little audition on Seyfried’s part, as Catherine Hardwicke already wanted her for the role. The Twilight filmmaker showed Seyfried her plans and concepts for the movie. Afterward, Seyfried was on board for the project.

“I was completely drawn in. I knew I needed to do it; it’s an iconic character that lives in our psyche, no matter where you’re from. Red Riding Hood, and all of these other fairy tales are part of us,” Seyfried once said in an interview with HeyuGuys. “To transform it however, there’s a million ways you could have made Red Riding Hood, this is just one. It’s special in its own way, and I’m proud of it. It was really fun.”

Seyfried was also equally impressed with Hardwick’s energy while filming.

“She’s a child, she doesn’t lose energy. She never drinks caffeine, she doesn’t eat sugar, it’s just a natural energy she has. It’s very special. It’s tough to make a movie, I don’t know how she does it, but she knew what she wanted, and she’s very confident about that,” she said.

How Amanda Seyfried reacted to ‘Red Riding Hood’ being compared to ‘Twilight’

Amanda Seyfried knew there were several comparisons between her movie and Twilight. Apart from the two films sharing the same director, both featured supernatural elements and love triangles. But the Mean Girls star pointed out that the two films had very few similarities when you looked beyond the surface.

“I think it’s hard not to compare Red Riding Hood because Catherine [Hardwicke] directed the first Twilight. But Red Riding Hood is a very different film,” Seyfried once explained in Interview Magazine. “I mean, yeah, there’s a love triangle, and people can easily compare the relationship between Kristen Stewart and those two guys in Twilight to the Valerie, Henry, and Peter characters in this movie, but we have so many elements that make it completely different. Nobody knows who the wolf is in our movie.”

Amanda Seyfried knew that ‘Red Riding Hood’ would be stunning because ‘Twilight’ was stunning

Hardwicke was one of the main reasons why Seyfried signed onto the project. Seyfried had already seen the director’s work with Twilight. The Les Miserables actor wasn’t sure how Riding Hood would narratively turn out after watching the vampire films. But she did have an idea on how the film would look, and it was something Seyfried was excited to see.

“I knew it was going to be visually stunning, because Twilight was stunning,” Seyfried once told Pop Sugar.

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