‘American Crime Story’: Other Chilling True Crime Drama Series to Watch Now

On Sept. 7, the latest installment of American Crime Story series will drop its first episode on FX. The new series will separate itself from the first two, which feature real-life murders, and instead, focus on the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal. In advance of the release, viewers looking to satisfy the true crime itch should check out these drama series currently available for streaming.

Albert Jones, Holt McCallany, and Jonathan Groff are lit by red and blue police lights in 'Mindhunter.'
Albert Jones, Holt McCallany, and Jonathan Groff in ‘Mindhunter’ | Netflix

‘The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story’ on Netflix

The predecessor to the latest season of American Crime Story follows Gianni Versace and his eventual murderer, Andrew Cunanan. The true crime series, which won an Emmy for Best Limited Series, tracks the lives of Versace and Cunanan. It bounces between the events following the murder and both men’s pasts. 

While tracking the aftermath of the murder, viewers get deep insight into the characters, particularly Cunanan. Darren Criss, who takes on the role, gives a career-best performance that landed him an Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Limited Series. 

‘Dr. Death’ on Peacock

The recent true crime series is based on a podcast of the same name. It follows Dr. Christopher Duntsch, a Texas surgeon who injured or killed nearly all of his patients. In real life, Duntsch harmed 33 of his 37 patients over the course of two years, Time reported.

Dr. Death stars Joshua Jackson as Duntsch and Christian Slater and Alec Baldwin as two doctors who go through the lengthy process of stopping him. The obstacles they face in bringing him to justice make this series particularly horrifying.

‘Dirty John’ on Netflix

Dirty John has two seasons out on Netflix. The first, also based on a podcast, follows the ways a woman’s life is shaken by the man she loves. John is handsome and charismatic but begins to reveal that he’s not all that he seems. His ensnarement in the family’s lives has terrifying consequences.

The second season of the true crime series focuses on Betty Broderick. After years of suspecting infidelity, Broderick’s marriage collapses. When her ex-husband marries again, her desire for revenge becomes murderous.

‘Mindhunter’ on Netflix

Though the primary characters and storylines in this Netflix series are fictional, the show is based on the real-life formation of the FBI Behavioral Science Unit. Directed by David Fincher, the series follows two FBI agents as they interview imprisoned serial killers with the hope of understanding their psychology. Each of the killers has a real-life counterpart. 

The show also flits quickly into the story of Dennis Rader, the BTK killer. By showing his behavior before he commits any murders, the viewer can apply the agents’ findings to him.

‘The Act’ on Hulu 

The eight-episode true crime series follows the story of Dee Dee and Gypsy Rose Blanchard. Due to Dee Dee’s Munchausen syndrome by proxy, the outside world falsely believed that Gypsy Rose was extremely ill. In an effort to free herself, Gypsy Rose conspired with her secret boyfriend to kill her mother.

Like The Assassination of Gianni VersaceThe Act flashes back and forth between the lead up to the murder, and the aftermath. Some of the show was dramatized for television, but the story is a true one at its core. 

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