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American Horror Stories Season 2 is shaking up its cast with some new faces. A few fan-favorite American Horror Story alumni will appear in the upcoming episodes, but the spinoff anthology series mostly welcomes new actors to the AHS franchise. And though some of these actors are new to AHS, they’re already pros in the entertainment world — Alicia Silverstone and Bella Thorne are just two famous faces in the cast. Here’s who fans can expect to see this season.

A man holds a doll in a wedding dress in key art for American Horror Stories Season 2, which has a star-studded cast.
‘American Horror Stories’ Season 2 key art | FX

‘American Horror Stories’ Season 2 cast includes familiar faces from ‘AHS’

Like season 1, American Horror Stories Season 2 tells a different horror tale in each episode, complete with different casts. As TVLine notes, a handful of actors hail from FX’s American Horror Story. That includes Denis O’Hare, who was an OG cast member in AHS’ first season, Murder House. O’Hare then starred in five more seasons: Coven, Freak Show, Hotel, Roanoke, and Double Feature.

Meanwhile, Gabourey Sidibe, a fan-favorite cast member from American Horror Story: Coven, will make her Stories debut this season. After Coven, Sidibe starred in Freak Show and later reprised her Coven character in Hotel and Apocalypse. Cody Fern (Apocalypse, 1984, Double Feature), Max Greenfield (Hotel), and Nico Greetham (Double Feature) will also appear.

New cast members include stars like Bella Thorne and Alicia Silverstone

American Horror Stories isn’t shy about adding new faces to the cast. Last season marked the AHS debut of stars like Madison Bailey, Charles Melton, and Kaia Gerber, who went on to star in American Horror Story: Double Feature.

Season 2’s newcomers include Shake It Up star Bella Thorne and Clueless star Alicia Silverstone, both of whom have experience in the horror genre. Thorne has starred in The Babysitter franchise, Amityville: The Awakening, and more. Meanwhile, Silverstone starred in The Requin and The Lodge.

Pose star Dominique Jackson, Julia star Judith Light, and Annie star Quvenzhané Wallis will also appear this season. Here’s the current American Horror Stories Season 2 cast list, with more to come later, according to AHS’ Twitter:

  • Derrick Aguis
  • Genevieve Aitken
  • Cameron Cowperthwaite
  • Cody Fern
  • Kristine Froseth
  • Max Greenfield
  • Nico Greetham
  • Madison Iseman
  • Dominique Jackson
  • Judith Light
  • Maryssa Menendez
  • Denis O’Hare
  • Raven Scott
  • Gabourey Sidibe
  • Sarah Silva
  • Alicia Silverstone
  • Kyla Drew Simmons
  • Kyanna Simone
  • Bella Thorne
  • Anthony De La Torre
  • Houston Jax Towe
  • Quvenzhané Wallis

‘American Horror Stories’ Season 2 started off strong with the premiere episode, ‘Dollhouse’


‘American Horror Stories’ Season 2 Episode Guide and Release Schedule

American Horror Stories Season 2 dropped its first episode on July 21. Titled “Dollhouse,” the episode features O’Hare as an obsessed dollmaker named Spalding. He kidnaps women and forces them to dress as dolls as they compete in a “pageant” to find the perfect mother for Spalding’s son, Otis (Towe). However, when he takes an exceptional young woman named Coby (Froseth), she uses her special power and wit to try and escape.

The premiere episode features a callback to a fan-favorite American Horror Story season, which pleased many fans. At the time of this writing, “Dollhouse” already has a 7.8 rating on IMDb — the highest of any Stories episode so far.

American Horror Stories Season 2 is now streaming on Hulu, with new episodes dropping every Thursday.