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American Horror Story’s spinoff series is back with its second installment, bringing new spooky and outrageous tales every week. American Horror Stories Season 2 Episode 3 is coming up next, following last week’s cyber-supernatural story “Aura.” Here’s a recap of the previous episode and when fans can watch episode 3. Plus, find out details on the episode’s potential title and cast list.

[Spoiler alert: The following story contains spoilers for American Horror Stories Season 2 Episode 2, “Aura.”]

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‘American Horror Stories’ Season 2 Episode 2 recap: ‘Aura’

Season 2 episode 2, “Aura,” stars AHS alums Max Greenfield and Gabourey Sidibe as a couple named Bryce and Jaslyn Taylor. After experiencing a traumatic home invasion as a child, the extremely cautious Jaslyn decides to purchase an Aura front door camera for her and Bryce’s new house. The Aura is put to the test when a stranger knocks on Jaslyn’s door, urging her to let him in. However, there’s no evidence of the man being at the front door on any other camera in the neighborhood. When the police arrive, he’s gone.

Still, Jaslyn continues to receive visits from this stranger. Bryce insists that it must be an Aura prank, but Jaslyn thinks the man could be a janitor, Dayle (Joel Swetow), who was in love with her during her high school days. When Dayle shows up again, Jaslyn invites him in. He apologizes for stalking her in high school, and his body suddenly evaporates. Jaslyn realizes it was Dayle’s ghost and that he died a few weeks prior.

But the twists don’t stop there. Jaslyn learns that the Aura can attract spirits, so she confronts Bryce when a woman appears at the door asking for him. At first, Bryce denies knowing the woman. Then, he admits that she was his pregnant fiancée. She was hit by a car that sped away, and Bryce finished the job because a baby wasn’t in his plan. He tries to kill Jaslyn for knowing the truth, but the ghost of his fiancée kills him.

The episode ends with Jaslyn in her new apartment, weeks after Bryce’s death. A maintenance worker installs an Aura on her front door against her wishes, but it’s a requirement for the apartment complex. Then, the Aura detects a person at her door: Bryce’s ghost.

‘American Horror Stories’ Season 2 Episode 3 release date and title

American Horror Stories Season 2 Episode 3 will tell a new story with new cast members. The episode arrives on Hulu on Thursday, Aug. 4, at 12 a.m. PT. For fans on the east coast, that’s 3 a.m.

Those who tuned into American Horror Stories Season 1 likely know the show is very secretive when it comes to episode descriptions. Unfortunately, that means the plot of season 2 episode 3 is still under wraps. However, IMDb does list a possible title for the new episode: “Drive.” That doesn’t give much of a hint about the plot, so fans will have to tune in on Thursday to see what it’s all about.

‘AHS’ Installment 2 Episode 3 cast list


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Likewise, the official cast list for episode 3 has yet to be revealed. However, IMDb has a few stars listed: American Horror Story and Love, Victor alum Nico Greetham; former Disney star Bella Thorne; and newcomer Austin Woods. Fans were able to catch a glimpse of Thorne in the season 2 trailer, where she insisted a serial killer wouldn’t “stop me from doing my thing.”

New episodes of American Horror Stories drop every Thursday on Hulu. Stay tuned to Showbiz Cheat Sheet for more updates.