‘American Horror Stories’: Why Kristine Froseth’s Coby Looks so Familiar

Season 2 of American Horror Stories, the episodic anthology spinoff of American Horror Story, is finally here. The first episode, “Dollhouse,” dropped on Thursday, July 21, starring Kristine Froseth as a young woman named Coby. Here’s where you might have seen Froseth before.

Kristine Froseth, who plays Coby in American Horror Stories Season 2, attends the premiere for The First Lady
Kristine Froseth, who plays Coby in ‘American Horror Stories’ Season 2. | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Kristine Froseth stars as Coby in ‘American Horror Stories’ Season 2 Episode 1, ‘Dollhouse’

American Horror Stories: “Dollhouse” follows a woman named Coby, who interviews at a dollmaking factory for a secretary job. However, the interview turns out to be a setup for a kidnapping. The dollmaker, Spalding (Denis O’Hare), takes several women and forces them to compete in a “pageant” while dressed as life-size dolls.

Each trial sees Coby and the other “dolls” complete housekeeping tasks. Spalding hopes to find the perfect wife and mother for his son after he killed his previous wife for cheating. Coby is determined to find a way to escape. But can she save herself and the others before the pageant ends?

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Where you might have seen Kristine Froseth before

Kristine Froseth has been very busy in the last few years, with multiple starring roles in film and television. As IMDb notes, Froseth started her acting career in 2016. However, her big break didn’t come until two years later when she starred as Veronica in Netflix’s Sierra Burgess Is a Loser. Then, in 2019, Froseth landed a role as Kelly Aldrich in Netflix’s series The Society.

That same year, Froseth starred as the lead character in Hulu’s Looking For Alaska. At the time, Froseth told Who What Wear that Alaska was her “dream role” after reading the source material, John Green’s book of the same name, as a teen.

“Alaska has been with me and I’ve cared about her for so long. She’s always been my dream role, so I definitely am glad it finally came through. It has really come full circle,” she said.

Froseth is also known for shows like The First Lady and When the Streetlights Go On. Some of her other films include Prey, The Assistant, Birds of Paradise, and Rebel in the Rye. In addition to acting, Froseth is also known for modeling. She grew up in New Jersey but spent much of her childhood traveling to Norway with her Norwegian parents.

Who else is in the cast of ‘American Horror Stories: Dollhouse’?

American Horror Story fans will recognize Denis O’Hare as a longtime AHS star. He appeared in six seasons of the original FX show, including the most recent season 10, Double Feature. Meanwhile, Houston Towe plays Spalding’s son in “Dollhouse” after previously guest starring in the iCarly reboot. Castle Rock star Abby Corrigan, Artificial actor Emily Morales-Cabrera, The Big Leap star Simone Recasner, Maryssa Menendez, and Kenia Arias play the other dolls. Matt Lasky portrays Spalding’s mute bodyguard.

American Horror Stories: “Dollhouse” is now streaming on Hulu. New episodes of season 2 drop every Thursday.

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