How Many Episodes Is ‘American Horror Story: 1984’? The FX Series Celebrates a Milestone in Season 9

The ninth season of American Horror Story is shaping up nicely. Thus far, the slasher season, 1984, has built up a solid story and surprised fans in more ways than they could have ever imagined, even without fan-favorites like Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters. But, as with most things in life, all good things much come to an end. And fans are wondering how long the American Horror Story: 1984 episode count really is.

As it turns out, AHS: 1984 is now almost at its midway mark. But, don’t get too disappointed just yet. The FX franchise is celebrating one major milestone in an upcoming episode, as the sixth episode — properly titled “Episode 100” — will be American Horror Story‘s 100th episode.

‘American Horror Story: 1984’ episode count (UPDATED)

FX has only released information about the first six episodes of AHS: 1984. And as of this write-up, the public has the episode titles and descriptions for “Camp Redwood,” “Mr. Jingles,” “Slashdance,” “True Killers,” “Red Dawn,” and “Episode 100.”

That said, the season won’t end anytime soon. As mentioned, we’re nearing the midway point with the fourth episode on Oct. 9. And as reported Entertainment Weekly, American Horror Story: 1984 will be 10 episodes long. Of course, this means there are plenty more twists ahead as the story continues. The network will also likely reveal the details of upcoming episodes as the season progresses.

Update: In the promotional trailer for American Horror Story Season 9 Episode 9, FX revealed the AHS: 1984 will end with an episode count of nine. Thus, the Nov. 13 episode, titled “Final Girl” will be the AHS Season 9 finale.

How long is the ‘AHS’ franchise so far? (UPDATED)

Billie Lourd and Leslie Grossman from 'American Horror Story'
Billie Lourd and Leslie Grossman from ‘American Horror Story’ | Chris Delman/AFP/Getty Images

Since we’re now in American Horror Story‘s ninth season, curiosity in regards to the show’s total episode count is only natural. For the past eight years — and counting — AHS shows have received 10 to 13 episodes per season.

Along with 1984, Apocalypse (season 8) and Roanoke (season 6) both aired 10 episodes. Cult (season 7) is the only title to receive 11 episodes. Meanwhile, Murder House (season 1) and Hotel (season 5) both received 12 episodes. This leaves Asylum (season 2), Coven (season 3), and Freak Show (season 4) with 13 episodes each.

Now, if you do the math, you’ll find American Horror Story will have a total count of 104 episodes once 1984 wraps this fall.

Update: After the episode count for American Horror Story: 1984 was confirmed by FX, the new total episode count is 103 episodes.

How ‘American Horror Story: 1984’ will honor the 100th episode of ‘AHS’

[Spoilers ahead for American Horror Story: 1984]

With the 100th episode coming on Oct. 23, fans are dying to find out how AHS will celebrate the big achievement. But, while most viewers are anticipating some sort of big twist, not much has been said about the major milestone.

According to TV Guide, the description for “Episode 100” hints at what’s to come for the characters of 1984. “With the horrors of the night behind them, the survivors deal with the fallout of their choices,” the description reads.

So, it seems a few survivors make it out from the “final brawl” coming in the fifth episode. The description for the 100th episode also means the remainder of the season will occur after the night at Camp Redwood.

Regardless, AHS creator Ryan Murphy teased the achievement on his Instagram with a look at past characters. “Next week we will be airing the 100th episode of AMERICAN HORROR STORY,” Murphy tweeted on Monday. “To kick off the week of celebration, here’s a fun fan-made grid celebrating nine years of incredible actors who gave their all, every day.”

Although Murphy was probably just celebrating the episode on social media, we couldn’t help but wish for the return of our fan-favorite characters. But, who knows? Some familiar faces could come back in 1984. And the 100th episode would certainly be a fun way to do it.

Remember, Paulson didn’t completely rule out her return to the FX series for season 9. “You never know, I may pop up,” she said on Sept. 7. “You never know. No promises though.”

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