‘American Horror Story’ Fans Are Already Making Comparisons Between ‘AHS: NYC’ and ‘Pose’

American Horror Story is traveling to the Big Apple. The next season of FX’s horror series takes place in New York City, sharing similarities with Murphy’s Emmy Award-winning drama series, Pose. Some fans even took to social media, sharing their thoughts on the Pose-AHS: NYC connections. 

FX announced the next season of ‘American Horror Story’ — ‘AHS: NYC’

The 'Pose' panel during the FX Network portion of the Summer 2018 TCA Press Tour
The ‘Pose’ panel during the FX Network portion of the Summer 2018 TCA Press Tour | Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Pose has officially premiered its last season, but Murphy is still exploring the streets of New York. Hot off the heels of season 2 of American Horror Stories, FX announced season 11 of their horror series. That’s AHS: NYC, which takes place in New York. 

American Horror Story: New York City takes place in the late 1970s in NYC and centers around a group of LGBTQ individuals targeted by a serial killer. It also covers many other themes, including the AIDS crisis, NYC blackout, and famous NYC serial killers,” one Twitter description states. 

As another FX original, Murphy spearheaded the series Pose for three seasons. The drama also took place in New York City. The story focused on the LGBTQ community during the AIDs crisis and one family in particular as they navigated relationships, careers, and the underground ballroom scene.

The first season featured AHS alumnus Evan Peters as Stan Bowes and American Horror Story: Murder House cast member Kate Mara as Patty Bowes. Pose also had the largest cast of transgender actors in television history. 

‘American Horror Story’ fans make similarities between ‘Pose’ and ‘AHS: NYC’

After the AHS: NYC teaser was posted to social media, American Horror Story fans shared their thoughts on the upcoming season. Most notably, some noticed similarities between this season and Pose. One Twitter user appropriately nicknamed season 11 “American Horror Story: Pose.

“I feel like this season is going to be straight-up 70s-80s fashion, glam, fabulous, queer, drag style,” one Reddit user wrote. “Which could be very fun. But I hope they remember to inject some real horror in there and not just make it like a darker version of Pose. The promos don’t disturb or scare me the way they usually do.”

“Exactly,” another Reddit user said in the same thread. “Like what can Ryan Murphy do in the 70s-80s that he hasn’t already done in Pose? I hope it’s not Pose with gore.”

Murphy has not yet responded to the comparisons.


‘American Horror Story’ Season 11: Premiere Date, Cast, and Everything We Know About ‘AHS: NYC’

When does ‘AHS: NYC’ premiere?

Although Peters and Sarah Paulson returned for Double Feature, neither cast member will appear in AHS: NYC. Billie Lourd, Charlie Carver, Leslie Grossman, Joe Mantello, Isaac Powell, Patti LuPone, and Sandra Bernhard will appear in the latest AHS season.

Of course, fans will have to wait for more information regarding the upcoming American Horror Story season. The first episode of AHS: NYC is scheduled to premiere on Oct. 19. Already-released episodes of Pose and American Horror Story are available exclusively on Hulu.