‘American Horror Story: NYC’ Might See 1 ‘Asylum’ Character Return

As longtime fans of American Horror Story know, each season of the anthology series stands alone with different tales and characters. However, the franchise has occasionally found ways to tie characters into multiple installments, thus connecting the AHS universe. Many fans believe they’ve spotted the latest connection as a returning character from season 2, Asylum, in a teaser for the 11th season, American Horror Story: NYC — the Angel of Death. Here’s a look back at the Angel’s role in Asylum and how she might appear in the newest season.

Kai Penn as Mac Marzara in American Horror Story: NYC, which might connect to Asylum
Kai Penn as Mac Marzara in ‘American Horror Story: NYC’ | Pari Dukovic/FX

Who is the Angel of Death in ‘American Horror Story: Asylum’?

Played by Frances Conroy, the Angel of Death — a.k.a. Shachath — is a kind figure who often appears at Briarcliff Manor, the Catholic asylum in season 2. She is only visible to people who are nearing their death, but the Angel won’t bring someone to the other side if they aren’t ready to die yet. When they are ready to accept death, the Angel kisses them to seal their fate.

“She was such an interesting character because she, of course, played such a profound role in each person’s given moment,” Conroy said of her character in 2013, per Clevver News. “So it was more just being a benign presence, helping that person feel comforted, not frightened … anything that helps someone, I tried to do. … So it was sort of like, helping that person and letting them go. It was really beautiful to play.”

The Angel of Death from ‘Asylum’ might return ‘American Horror Story: NYC’

The Angel of Death hasn’t made an appearance in American Horror Story since season 2, despite all the deaths that have occurred on the show. However, it might finally be time for her comeback. Eagle-eyed Asylum fans spotted the Angel of Death in her signature all-black ensemble emerging from a foggy scene in a teaser for American Horror Story: NYC, as seen above.

American Horror Story fan account The AHS Zone shared a side-by-side comparison of Asylum’s Angel of Death and NYC’s dark figure on Twitter. The resemblance is uncanny, but there’s one notable difference: Conroy doesn’t seem to be reprising her role. The character in NYC seems to be played by a younger actor, although it’s hard to tell who has taken over.

Many fans have expressed disappointment in the recasting.

“I have always said that I wanted her character to return since it would be so easy to tie her into a season. But if it isn’t Fran I don’t want it,” one user replied.

‘AHS: NYC’ follows a serial killer story


‘American Horror Story: NYC’: Some Fans Already Have a Bad ‘Gut Feeling’ About Season 11

As the title of the new season suggests, American Horror Story: NYC is set in New York City in 1981. A serial killer targets the LGBTQ community, but the police aren’t doing enough to find the culprit and bring justice to the victims. Meanwhile, the HIV/AIDS virus begins its rapid spread. It’s unclear at this time how American Horror Story: NYC will incorporate the Angel of Death — perhaps she’ll bring peace to the frightened people nearing the end of their lives at the hands of the virus or the killer. Hopefully, viewers will also find out soon enough if this season will somehow connect back to Asylum.

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