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American Horror Story Season 10 is on the horizon, which means fans will finally get to watch Sarah Paulson’s return to the franchise. The actor skipped out on the last season, 1984. But, she’s expected to come back in the forthcoming cycle. Then recently, Paulson teased what fans can expect from her new character in AHS Season 10 — here’s what we know.

Sarah Paulson will return to the ‘American Horror Story’ cast in season 10

Sarah Paulson on ‘Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen’ in 2021
Sarah Paulson on ‘Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen’ | Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

After Paulson’s first appearance on American Horror Story, fans eagerly waited to see what the actor would do next. She seamlessly tackled roles from Bette and Dot Tattler to Lana Winters and Cordelia Goode. But, Paulson decided to take a step back during AHS Season 9 to play Alice Macray in Mrs. America.

“[Mrs. America] was shooting exactly when American Horror Story was shooting, and I thought there was no way I could do both,” Paulson told Vulture in May 2020. “At that point, they didn’t know what they were going to be able to offer me, how much I would be in it, and what I would even be doing.”

She later added, “So I went to Ryan Murphy and I said, ‘Do you mind if I sit this season of American Horror Story out? I want to do this instead,’ and he very graciously said yeah.”

That said, Paulson’s hiatus from the AHS franchise was brief. The actor confirmed she would return for American Horror Story Season 10 in an interview with The Wrap in January 2020. Paulson also hinted she wants to be involved with the next few seasons in some capacity, as the FX series has been renewed through season 13.

“God willing, I have no idea,” Paulson said when asked whether she’ll return for AHS Seasons 11, 12, and 13. “But, I do know that I did ask Ryan, if the question was asked to me, could I say that I was coming back, and he said, ‘Yes, you can say.’ So yes, I will be back on American Horror Story.”

Sarah Paulson updates fans on her new ‘AHS’ Season 10 character role

In the above interview with The Wrap, Paulson teased her upcoming role on American Horror Story Season 10. But, of course, she wasn’t able to give away any major details at the time.

“I have no idea what it will be,” Paulson said. “But, I’m not coming back as a guest part. I will be a central character.”

Then when speaking with The Wrap in February 2021, Paulson shared more details about her part in AHS Season 10. She suggested that the character will feel familiar. That said, the actor already confirmed she isn’t reprising any roles. 

“I think the character may not be something you haven’t seen — I don’t mean I’m playing a character I’ve played before, I am not — but she’s got a little bit of a few people rolled in there,” Paulson said. 

Nevertheless, there is something about Paulson’s new character that we haven’t seen before. 


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“The most exciting thing for me is I get to have a hair color I’ve never had on the show, nor have I ever had it in life, and it’s something I’ve always dreamt of doing, never done,” Paulson said. “I get to live out that fantasy, so that’s exciting for me.”

Meanwhile, Paulson revealed more clues about her American Horror Story Season 10 role in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. And once again, the actor made note of the character’s hair.

“The character I’m playing this year on Horror Story has some issues, let’s just put it that way,” Paulson said. “I have a hair color I’ve never had in life nor in the show. That’s what I can tell you. And I have a great name. I have a great name, which I can’t tell you.”

For now, fans will just have to wait and see what happens when American Horror Story Season 10 is released on FX. But, given all the exciting new teasers about the upcoming season, it’s going to be a wild ride. So stay tuned.