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The witches are back. Even if Myrtle Snow thought the world would end in fire and ice, (not witches and warlocks), these characters returned for American Horror Story: Apocalypse, as did fan-favorite characters from Hotel and Murder House. Here’s what we know about the eighth season of FX’s original.

FX debuted its original series, ‘American Horror Story: Apocalypse’ in 2018

Sarah Paulson and Cody Fern attend FX's 'American Horror Story' 100th Episode Celebration
Sarah Paulson and Cody Fern attend FX’s ‘American Horror Story’ 100th Episode Celebration | Rachel Luna/FilmMagic via Getty Images

The finale of American Horror Story: Murder House hinted at big plans for Michael Langdon. Thanks to the eighth season of this series, fans learned what happened after the infamous run-in with the babysitter.

Apocalypse followed Michael Langdon, (aka the anti-christ), as he destroyed mankind. It wasn’t an easy task, especially with no instructions from his father and pushback from other characters. What made this season of American Horror Story special was its connections to past (and future) episodes.

‘Apocolypse’ had references to other ‘American Horror Story’ seasons

The Coven witches (Zoe Benson, Myrtle Snow, Cordelia Goode, Queenie, Misty Day, and Nan) returned for Apocalypse, with some teaming up to fight Michael Langdon. The former voodoo queen, Marie Laveau, joined the witches after striking a deal with Papa Legba.

The renowned psychic who assisted Constance Langdon in season 1, Billie Dean Howard, appeared in Apocalypse, as well as season 5’s Hotel. Evan Peters even reprised his starring Hotel role as James March for one episode. 

There were several connections to the first season of American Horror Story — Murder House. Violet Harmon and Tate Langdon finally got their fairytale ending. Constance Langdon returned to tell the story of her grandson, who had run-ins with other spirits in the home — Vivien and Ben Harmon.


‘American Horror Story’ Fans Are Already Making Comparisons Between ‘AHS: NYC’ and ‘Pose’

‘American Horror Story: Apocalypse’ hinted at future seasons of the FX series

According to some fan theories, Apocalypse even held references to yet-to-be-released seasons of American Horror Story. That includes AHS: 1984, which would’ve taken place before the events of Apocalypse.

“Although it’s very minor, people often point out Ms. Mead mentioning that her dad fought in the Vietnam War as a reference to Mr. Jingles,” one Reddit user noted — with the character appearing in the ninth season of FX’s horror story. 

Another Reddit user noted, “In ‘Sojourn,’ they focused on a 1980s-styled Fanta can, and in another scene, the camera stalled on a shot of an RV camper.”

In 2022, FX’s series returns for its eleventh seasonAHS: NYC, with the cast list announced on social media days ahead of the October premiere.

American Horror Story: New York City takes place in the late 1970s in NYC and centers around a group of LGBTQ individuals targeted by a serial killer. It also covers many other themes, including the AIDS crisis, NYC blackout, and famous NYC serial killers,” one Twitter description states. 

Now, episodes of American Horror Story are available exclusively on the streaming platform Hulu.