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The coronavirus (COVID-19) has impacted the entertainment world in more ways than one. American Idol Season 3 has reached the live performance portion, but with the restrictions imposed by the pandemic, producers had to get creative. 

Fortunately for fans, Season 3 of American Idol will continue, and so will auditions for next season! Here’s how you can try out for the singing competition

audition for 'American Idol'
Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, & Luke Bryan | Scott Patrick Green/ABC via Getty Images

‘American Idol’s Top 20 will perform live from home 

“The show must go on,” as they say. Many American Idol fans were concerned about how the rest of this season would work, but producers have assured audiences this season will continue. 

“It would not have been OK to pat the singers on the back for making it through Hollywood Week, the showcase and auditions, and then just call [the rest of the season] off,” Trish Kinane, American Idol‘s showrunner and executive producer, told Billboard

To keep the competition as fair as possible, Kinane and her production team worked closely with internet providers to ensure the Top 20 had everything they needed to perform from home. This season, that means the same internet speeds for each competitor, routers, and anything else required for seamless uploading and downloading. 

The Top 20’s performances will still include a band and backup singers, per Kinane. Behind the scenes, vocal coaches will meet with the contestants to ensure the performances are of the highest quality. 

You can audition for ‘American Idol’ right now

If you’ve always wanted to audition for American Idol, you still have a chance! Despite the impact the coronavirus has had on large events, American Idol is still planning to hold open auditions, albeit online. 

Traditionally, American Idol crews would be traveling around and hosting open auditions in cities around the county. “We always start auditions again in April, so this is no different,” Kinane said. “One element of our audition process is online auditions, so obviously, if this carries on, we won’t be able to have huge gatherings. But what is a huge gathering? It depends on what the guidance and social distances are and what the rules are.”

As for next season, Kinane said she wants to get past May 17 before she starts thinking about that. Auditions are open until Oct. 26, 2020. 

How to audition for ‘American Idol’ 

Do you want to be the next American Idol? If you’ve always dreamed of being on the show, auditions for next season is now open! According to the ABC website, you can submit an audition tape online.  

To get started, create an account through eTribez, where you’ll answer a few questions and submit a video that demonstrates your singing ability. You must be at least 15-years-old to submit an audition tape. 

Plans for next season haven’t been announced, but candidates who are chosen to move forward in the audition process will be contacted by American Idol’s production staff “any time until approximately Nov. 1, 2020,” per the audition FAQs.

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