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Die-hard American Idol fans were shocked when Fox announced they were canceling the show. For 14 years would be singers stood in line for hours and in many cases for days, just to try out. From the start, the show was about finding the most talented people and giving them the tools to grow, and a stage to shine.

Now that ABC has brought the show back, things are very different, and fans aren’t happy. 

Since the start of season 17, American Idol has faced some backlash from fans over Katy Perry’s actions. Some have questioned why she is a judge, to begin with. 

When the network decided to breathe new life into the show, they talked about making significant changes. This rebooted Idol has been met with low ratings and a loss of followers. So, why is this season so bad? Why is there so much drama over casting Katy Perry? Is she the show’s worst coach ever? 

Why ‘American Idol’ fans want Katy Perry gone

Fans are not happy with the direction of American Idol. What’s their biggest problem? Casting Katy Perry as a coach, of course. There haven’t been a lot of complaints with the other two coaches, but that might be due to the amount of drama and shade going to the “Swish Swish” singer.

One reason fans want to see Perry go is her flirty behavior. Not only has it been over the top, but there was at least one instance that might be considered harassment or assault according to Bustle.

When Perry tricked a then 19-year-old contestant into kissing her, she crossed the line. He later admitted the kiss was his first and he wished it could have been special. 

Another problem is her need for attention. Many have criticized that Perry is taking too much attention away from the aspiring singers. Instead of lifting contestants up, she is often seen taking the spotlight away.

Is Katy Perry the worst ‘American Idol’ coach ever

Throughout the 17 seasons of Idol, there have been many coaches that have come and gone. None have had the same chemistry or staying power as the original panel of judges. Paula, Randy, and Simon seemed to have what it takes.

So, why are some people saying Katy Perry is the worst American Idol Coach? Her job is to decide who continues on the show, but she also needs to give feedback. The contestants need to know how they can improve as singers, and Perry isn’t giving them what they need. She has instead spent much of the season critiquing the way the male contestants look and flirting with them. 

We have seen other judges in the past steal the spotlight from contestants, and show an utter disregard for their careers. They didn’t make it long on American Idol, and they didn’t get paid as much as Perry either.

Perry is not the only ‘Idol’ coach fans have disliked

There have been many judges that fans have been upset with over the years. For example, Ellen DeGeneres might be the best talk show host, but she was not prepared to judge a singing competition. She had the personality for the job, but no singing experience to really impact the contestants’ careers.

Then there was the conflict between Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj that angered fans. Although most fans believed this drama was partially scripted to help with ratings, it still took away from the show and ultimately made both women look foolish.

Let’s not forget about Simon Cowell. Sure he was part of the show’s foundation, but he too garnered a lot of negative attention. His harsh comments left many people crying and critics at the time had never seen a judge like him. Then again that might be part of the problem. Fans want to old Idol back, but the show’s producers want something fresher.