What Is ‘American Pickers’ Star Danielle Colby’s Net Worth in 2022

Danielle Colby might be best known for minding the store on History’s American Pickers, but there’s a lot more dimension to the gritty woman who speaks her mind. Colby has been with the TV show since its infancy and continued on with longtime star Mike Wolfe after a feud with former co-star Frank Fritz. 

On top of taking a more central role on the show in recent years, the star pursues other interests off-camera that also add to her considerable wealth. Learn how much Danielle Colby earns on the show, how she makes additional money, and her current net worth. 

Danielle Colby has starred in ‘American Pickers’ since it debuted in 2010

Danielle Colby with blue headband in her hair on 'American Pickers'
Danielle Colby on ‘American Pickers’ | History Channel

Colby first met Wolfe years ago at a yard sale in Iowa, across the street from her mother’s house. “I was looking at a lamp, he bought the lamp, I got mad at him, he looked at me and said, ‘Sorry girl, the time to buy it is when you see it.’ I liked his sass…we were pretty much inseparable after that,” Colby recalled with Freshly Inked

When American Pickers first started airing in 2010, Colby managed Antique Archaeology in LeClaire, Iowa — the store where Wolfe resells his finds from across the country. (Wolfe has since opened a second location in Nashville, which Colby is also involved with.) 

Colby originally held down the fort while Wolfe and Fritz were on the road. But in recent years she has had more involvement with “picking” herself. She’s begun to take more road trips for the show, and also aims to supply her own side business of selling vintage clothing — something Wolfe doesn’t focus on quite as much. 

Danielle Colby’s net worth is an estimated $1.5 million

Colby’s loyalty to American Pickers has certainly paid off. In 2020, it was estimated that the reality TV star makes roughly $15,000 per episode of the show. That was before the rift between Fritz and Wolfe in 2021, however, when Fritz stopped appearing on the series. Colby, now 46, has since taken a more central role — meaning her paychecks might have increased as well. 

On top of her appearances on American Pickers, Colby has a host of other endeavors that add to her cash flow. She ran storefronts for several years called 4 Miles 2 Memphis (with locations in LeClaire and Chicago) that featured an eclectic collection of vintage clothing and restored cowboy boots, along with unique jewelry and other pieces that caught Colby’s eye. Both locations have since closed. 

That said, her entertainment and business ventures are far from over, and continue to add to her wealth. Celebrity Net Worth pegs Danielle Colby’s current net worth at around $1.5 million, which includes income from her various pursuits and a property in Illinois that she bought for $295,000 in 2018. 

Aside from appearing on ‘American Pickers,’ Danielle Colby is a burlesque dancer and model 


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Colby’s value as an entertainer extends beyond TV, as she is also a burlesque dancer and model. She performs under the name Dannie Diesel, a nickname given to her as a child, according to Freshly Inked. “I discovered Burlesque in Chicago quite some time ago, years and years ago,” she told the publication. “I was addicted from the first show. There’s something very empowering about Burlesque.”

The “Queen of Rust” is also a model, does various speaking engagements around the country, and has her own website where she promotes cameos and other appearances. For now, Colby has been back on the road filming the next season of American Pickers. Season 23 of the show is currently airing on the History Channel Saturdays at 9 p.m. EST.