‘AGT’ Season 17: Simon Cowell Shared His True Feelings on Twitter About That Daniel Emmet Deepfake

America’s Got Talent (AGT) Season 17 took a strange turn for episode 2, with Daniel Emmet performing with Simon Cowell’s face. It was weird to see the judge’s face on the screen belting out, “You’re the Inspiration.” A company called Metaphysic-AI made it possible, and they have more “hyper-real content” in the works for the NBC reality TV competition show. Find out what Simon Cowell said about the AGT Season 17 performance after the show. 

‘AGT’ Season 17 Episode 2 recap: Daniel Emmet performs as Simon Cowell

The co-founders of the company Metaphysics, Tom Graham and Chris Ume took the stage to introduce their AI technology in America’s Got Talent Season 17 Episode 2

“Our company is called Metaphysics, and we use artificial intelligence to create hyper-real content,” Graham explained to the judges. “We’re going to invite our good friend, Daniel Emmet, on stage, who you guys are familiar with from a previous season.”

Then the group of three shocked the judges when a projection of Emmet began singing, “You’re the Inspiration.” Emmet transformed into a deepfake of Simon Cowell, and the audience went wild. Aftward, Cowell, Howie Mandel, Sofia Vergara, and Heidi Klum have nothing but good things to say about the technology.

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“I’ve always said, is there such a thing as a perfect contestant?” Simon begins. “We’ve just found them!” 

The judges give Metaphysics four yeses, and they move on to the next round.

Simon Cowell tweeted about the Daniel Emmet ‘AGT’ Metaphysic performance

While watching AGT Season 17 Episode 2, viewers felt that Simon Cowell enjoyed the Metaphysic and Daniel Emmet performance. However, after the show, his tweet didn’t reiterate those thoughts.

“This is one of the funniest (and worst) auditions I’ve ever seen on #AGT,” Simon Cowell tweeted.

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Did he like the performance or hate it? It doesn’t seem like he liked it as much after seeing it on live television. Howie Mandel also had thoughts on the Simon Cowell deepfake.

“I still can’t tell if this Simon deepfake impresses or scares me,” Mandel tweeted after the show. “Maybe both.”

Heide Klum did not change her sentiments when she live-tweeted after the show. 

“@simoncowell who knew you had such a voice?! @metaphysic_ai this was the best thing I’ve seen all day! #AGT” she wrote.

How fans feel about the Simon Cowell deepfake

'America's Got Talent' judge Simon Cowell with his arms out posing for the season 17 kick-off
‘America’s Got Talent’: Simon Cowell | Gregg DeGuire/FilmMagic

After AGT Season 17 Episode 2, many viewers commented how much they loved the Daniel Emmet performance. 

“Daniel emmet for the win,” one fan wrote on Reddit. “We watched this audition 30 times already.”

While most fans shared positive sentiments about the Simon Cowell AGT Deepfake, a few wondered how the technology could be an act on America’s Got Talent. It looks like anything is possible on AGT in 2022. Look for another deepfake coming soon. America’s Got Talent Season 17 airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET this summer.

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