‘America’s Got Talent’: Why Howard Stern Can’t Stand Simon Cowell

America’s Got Talent has been one of the most-watched reality shows since it premiered over a decade ago. During its long-running reign, the show has seen its fair share of judges come and go. One of the most talked-about judges was Howard Stern.

Howard is usually known for his no-holds-bar commentary, but when he had been a judge on AGT, many people were able to see a softer and more human side of the infamous shock jock. Howard Stern was on the show for three years. During that time, the show had received excellent ratings as people from all over the country were tuning in every week to see what Howard Stern was going to say next.

Howard Stern
Howard Stern | Bruce Gifford/FilmMagic

Once Howard left the show, Simon Cowell had immediately signed on to take his place. Most people didn’t think anything of Howard’s replacement at the time. Now, however, they are wondering if the reason why the two most popular judges on America’s Got Talent had never appeared on the same show at the same time.

There is a lot of speculations surrounding the fact that Howard can’s stand Simon. Is there any truth to these speculations? Does Howard Stern dislike Simon Cowell? Here is what we know.

Why did Howard Stern leave the ‘America’s Got Talent?

In 2015, when Howard had left the show, he gave a few reasons why he would not return. First, he could no longer stay because the camera angles on the show continued to only showcase his “bad side.” He had also told reporters the reason why he was leaving was that his schedule wouldn’t allow it. Between his radio hit radio show and AGT, Howard claimed he just didn’t have enough time in the day to accomplish everything that he wanted to. Because he was so busy, he had to pick to either quit his radio show or stop appearing on America’s Got Talent. It’s no secret his radio show has always been very important to him, so he decided not to film AGT anymore.

The Sony email hack

Back in 2014, a hacker group named The Guardians of Peace had threatened to release Sony’s personal information if they did not stop the release of the movie The Interview. Sony went ahead and released the movie, and in response, the group released all of the private data it collected from the company. 

One piece of information that was released during the hack was an email that Simon Cowell sent to NBC executives asking them to fire Howard Stern from America’s Got Talent. Simon didn’t just want Howard fired, he also wanted to be the one who would replace the iconic radio personality. Although Howard has never said that this was the reason why he decided to leave the show, it is very coincidental that the email leaked around the same time that Howard announced he would not return to AGT.

Is Howard still mad at Simon?

Even though it has been four years since Howard found out about Simon’s secret emails, he is still pretty mad. Apparently, time does not heal all wounds. According to Radar Online, Howard recently went on his radio show and told his listeners what he thought of Simon Cowell. 

During his rant, Howard reconfirmed that he did not like working on AGT, he hated what Simon Cowell had done to him behind his back even more. He had a few derogatory names to call Simon Cowell and then said he hopes Simon “falls on his face.”

Howard also said the worst part of the entire situation was the fact that Simon would not own up to what he did. “Then he called me up and said, ‘Oh Howard, you know that none of the Sony hack is true. None of that,'” Howard had told his listeners. “Dude like what am I, an imbecile? And I’m just like, ‘Yeah Simon, I’m sure that’s true.’ I didn’t even give a f—. Like really you think I’m so stupid that I wouldn’t think the Sony hack was true…The guy is just a sleaze bag.”

Judging by his angry outburst, it definitely seems like Howard still can’t stand Simon. We are not sure if these two will ever make amends with one another. Because Howard is still feeling hurt and betrayed by Simon, we are guessing that if they ever do decide to bury the hatchet, it will be a long time from now.