‘America’s Got Talent’: Will Winner, Shin Lim Work with Other Contestants in the Future?

Shin Lim and Simon Cowell
Shin Lim and Simon Cowell | Trae Patton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Shin Lim won over the best of the best on America’s Got Talent: The Champions. He will be pretty busy after the season but will other former contestants work with him in the future? Here is everything you need to know about his future plans.

Shin Lim turned down America’s Got Talent: The Champions at first

The close-up magician won, but he was very close to not returning to the show at all. He revealed what is holding him back.

I’m glad I didn’t and decided to go for it,” he told People. “I initially turned Champions down because I wanted to do new stuff, I didn’t want to do repeat acts. But I decided to do it and see what happens. I thought, ‘When am I going to have a chance to do this? All the winners compete against each other, this is such a rare opportunity.’ To be part of it is an honor.”

He was in disbelief over the results. “It’s crazy, to be honest,” he told People. “I still have to pinch myself. First winning AGT was crazy to me, but winning Champions was even more crazy. It’s very overwhelming and super exciting.”

It turns out, Lim had to change his act anyways in order to win. He revealed why in another interview.

The magician said he changed his act to please Simon Cowell

Most people who go on the show know that Simon Cowell will be their toughest critic. Lim remembered that the second time around and was strategic about it.

I had to change my act up a little bit here and there to kind of make it better for the judges especially for Simon Cowell,” Lim told Golden Derby. “I was trying to please him the whole time. I was trying to add more showmanship. It’s hard to sometimes portray magic through a screen.”

But he did it and won the show for a second time in a row. The magician will be heading to Las Vegas to start his residency at the Mirage Hotel. He will also be going on tour. Could there be any familiar faces involved?

Lim said he wants to work with Darci Lynne Farmer

The winner had his money on another contestant when it came to who would win The Champions. “I thought she was gonna win!” he said referring to runner-up Darci Lynne Farmer according to Gold Derby. “Especially after her finale performance with the opera. That to me is mind-blowing.”

He is such a big fan that he just might collaborate with Farmer after the show. “I should contact her and see if we can do a show together,” he said.

Farmer talked about how it felt to make it to the top two. “But I really wanted to be in the top two, it’s really cool,” she said on the show. She felt lucky considering she was previously voted off the show. “Getting the wild card and being here – I want this to be the greatest comeback ever.”

Maybe the top two will be reunited in the future. Fans will have to see if Lim ever makes the call.

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