‘Among Us’: A New Shapeshifter Role Is Coming, and It’s a Total Game-Changer

Among Us will soon receive a major refresh. InnerSloth’s social deception game skyrocketed to fame in 2020, becoming one of the most popular pastimes for casual and serious gamers alike during coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdowns. Because of Among Us’ sudden popularity, InnerSloth decided to cancel its plans for a sequel in favor of giving constant updates to the original, which first came out in 2018. Since then, the studio has teased and implemented plenty of changes. On Oct. 27, InnerSloth offered a look at one of the newest upcoming Among Us features: the Shapeshifter.

An impostor kills a crewmate in Among Us ahead of the Shapeshifter update
‘Among Us’ | InnerSloth

InnerSloth teased a major update coming to ‘Among Us’ soon

During June’s Summer Game Fest, InnerSloth offered a brief look at its roadmap of upcoming features for the game. Some of the projects included new crewmate colors, additional player roles, a graphics update, 15-player support, and more. Just a few days later, the first wave of features arrived, checking new colors, better graphics, and bigger parties off the list.

There’s still plenty in store for Among Us in the future. According to the roadmap, InnerSloth has been working on a 5th map following the successful release of The Airship in early 2021. Plus, a new Hide ‘n’ Seek mode is on its way, as well as achievements and visor cosmetics.

InnerSloth has also worked to bring Among Us to new platforms, with a Nintendo Switch port already out. PlayStation and Xbox versions will arrive in December.

It’s not clear yet if all these features will arrive together in one massive update, but it seems InnerSloth is at least planning to deliver new player roles next. The studio has already surprised fans with a look at a new impostor feature.

‘Among Us’ will have a game-changing shapeshifter role

As seen in the video above, the upcoming Shapeshifter role allows impostors to turn themselves into any living crewmate. According to InnerSloth’s Role Peek, players assigned to the Shapeshifter role can bring up a list of crewmates in the party and select one to duplicate the crewmate’s appearance, including their player name and cosmetics. Shapeshifters will return to their original forms in meetings.

The Shapeshifter role brings a whole new level of deception to Among Us. If used correctly, impostors can easily frame crewmates for murders. However, there is a catch: the Shapeshifter’s effects don’t last long, and they can leave evidence behind. Players will have the option to adjust the duration of the shift, the evidence it leaves, and the probability of impostors getting the Shapeshifter role.

“Our internal playtests have already become extremely chaotic from this change, and it’s a ton of fun trying to guess who’s who. Especially when you stumble upon two of the same crewmate in one room!” InnerSloth’s blog post read.

The update will include other new roles for crewmates

The blog post revealed that InnerSloth is also working on more crewmate roles, but the studio hasn’t provided any sneak peeks at those yet. However, the roadmap video, seen above, included “Sheriff” and “Scientist.”

InnerSloth promised that a “special event” is coming “very soon” to provide more details on the roles update.

Among Us is available now on Nintendo Switch, PC, iOS, and Android. Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 versions will launch on Dec. 14.

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