Amy Duggar Just Opened a Bible-Themed Clothing Boutique, and Jessa Loves It

Amy Duggar may not be one the 19 Duggar children born to Jim Bob and Michelle, but she is an integral part of the Duggar family and one of the more popular characters on the shows chronicling their lives. Perhaps it’s because she’s so relatable – Amy Duggar doesn’t subscribe to the very strict rules that the Duggar clan follows. She even posed on Instagram in a bikini! But she’s still very much a Christian and this latest business venture just proves it.

Amy Duggar king
Amy King | amyrachelleking via Instagram

Who is Amy Duggar?

Amy Duggar is Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s niece, the daughter of Jim Bob’s sister, Deanna. She made headlines in 2015 when she admitted to being born out of wedlock. In response to the news, Amy wrote, “The tabloids are telling the truth. My mom and dad did have me out of wedlock. Just because we are Christians doesn’t make us perfect, it just makes us forgiven.”

Since then, Amy Duggar has made sure to communicate that her life is far from perfect, but that she’s always trying to be good and that’s what matters. She follows a much looser set of rules than her famous cousins. However, Amy is still proud of her morals and chose to share them with the world in an exciting new way.

Amy Duggar’s bible-themed boutique just debuted

Back in October 2018, Amy King (nee Duggar) leaked the news that she was planning to open a store and now her dream has become reality. Together with her husband, Dillon King, Amy hosted opening festivities in late December complete with a champagne toast. Despite some clashes in the past, her Duggar relatives were overwhelmingly supportive and shared the love on Instagram. Jessa Duggar even stopped by for a visit to show her enthusiasm for the project.

As Jessa said on Instagram, “Y’all, its been a long time coming, but they did it. A Duggar girl and her husband just launched their very own clothing store in our childhood hometown…The whole shop is just darling! CHECK IT OUT!”

She finished by sharing the store address and Instagram page, then saying “Congrats, Amy & Dillon!”

What is Amy Duggar’s new store like?

The boutique is not your average clothing store. The first difference? The name itself.

“It stands for Proverbs 31, which is the beauty of a woman,” Amy told Radar Online. “I just want to capture the essence of a woman in the clothing, with a lot of different textures and curated items. Just different pieces that are specialty and fun.”

Amy is known for forgoing the Duggar rules and wearing shorts, pants, and even bathing suits, and it’s clear she has an interest in fashion. This is her first solo business launch.

How to shop the store

Don’t live in Arkansas? No problem. You can still visit Amy Duggar’s shop, 3130, on their website and shop the selection of clothing, accessories, and jewelry. It’s what the Duggars would want you to do.