Amy Duggar King Questions Whether Michelle and Anna Duggar Penned Josh Duggar Character Letters

Josh Duggar will be sentenced on two child pornography charges on May 25. The defense team has submitted 10 character statements from those closest to Josh ahead of the sentencing date. However, his cousin, Amy Duggar King, doesn’t believe all the letters were penned by different people. She recently theorized that someone else wrote both Anna Duggar and Michelle Duggar’s statements for them. 

Josh Duggar’s defense team submitted 10 character letters 

Just weeks before Josh Duggar’s child pornography sentencing, his defense team submitted 10 character letters. Friends wrote several letters, and extended family members wrote a few. Two letters, in particular, stood out to Duggar family followers. Anna Duggar, Josh Duggar’s wife, and Michelle Duggar, Josh’s mother, penned notes. 

Michelle Duggar speaks during a panel discussion before promoting the book "A Love That Multiplies" during the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC)
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The letters, which begged for a lenient sentence, attempted to paint Josh in a positive light. Anna and Michelle each tried to highlight Josh’s more positive attributes while noting that he had seven children to help raise. Michelle and Anna also both highlighted Josh’s financial contributions to a family friend in their letters. 

Amy Duggar King questions whether Anna and Michelle Duggar penned their character letters

Amy Duggar King, Josh Duggar’s cousin, has been an outspoken critic of the disgraced former reality TV star and most of her supersized family. n recent weeks, the Duggar family member has taken to Twitter and Instagram to discuss Josh and his upcoming sentencing. In one tweet, Amy questioned the authorship of some of the character letters submitted to the courts ahead of Josh Duggar’s sentencing. Amy theorized that neither Anna nor Michelle were the true authors of their character letters. 

In her tweet, Amy stated that she doesn’t believe Anna or Michelle wrote their letters but has a sinking suspicion as to who did. While she did not share who she thinks wrote the letters, Duggar family followers have their own thoughts. Several commenters stated that they believe Jim Bob Duggar, Josh Duggar’s father, authored the statements. While Anna, Michelle, and Josh’s father-in-law, Michael Keller, all sent letters, Jim Bob did not submit a character letter to the courts. 

Redditors believe many of the letters were penned by the same author, too 

Amy and Twitter commenters aren’t the only ones who think the character letters are suspiciously similar. One Reddit user pointed out that some letters were so linguistically similar, according to analysis software, that they might have had the same author. 

Josh Duggar booking photo from April 2021 arrest
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It is, however, impossible to know who penned the letters that the defense submitted to the courts. While it’s possible Jim Bob wrote a couple of the notes, it seems equally likely that the family was coached by the defense team on what should and should not be included in the statements. Josh Duggar’s sentencing hearing will be held on May 25.