Amy Schumer Shares Son Gene’s First Word … And It Wasn’t ‘Mom’

With Ellen DeGeneres back in the studio, the daytime television personality is once again speaking with A-listers both on set and via video. In an interview with actress-comedian Amy Schumer, the talk show host conversed with the Trainwreck star about her recent docuseries and some verbal accomplishments of her 17-month-old son Gene.

Amy Schumer
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‘I Feel Pretty’ star reveals son’s first word

In her virtual interview with DeGeneres, Schumer had baby Gene make an appearance to join in the fun. While her son is now saying “mom,” Schumer revealed the maternal moniker was not his first word.

“I was his second word. His first word is ‘car,’ which definitely hurt both of our feelings,″ she told DeGeneres of herself and her husband Chris Fischer, according to People. ″He loves cars. I don’t know, Chris and I don’t care about cars, but he is obsessed.”

Apparently Gene truly has a penchant for automobiles, often opting to stick around the four-wheeled vehicles rather than heading indoors.

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“Anywhere we go … he just wants to be in the parking lot, he just wants to look at cars,” Schumer explained. “Which is really convenient because everywhere you go there are cars.”

‘Expecting Amy’

In her recent HBO Max docuseries Expecting Amy, Schumer puts the spotlight on the physical demands of her pregnancy. Often battling illness from hyperemesis gravidarum, a form of severe vomiting during pregnancy which can cause dehydration and other complications, the actor keeps it real in the personal limited series.

“I actually think in retrospective [the docuseries] was a defense mechanism because I was so sick,” she said, according to E! Online. “I felt like, you know, having a witness so I wasn’t going through it alone or something.”

Always preferring to keep things casual, Schumer kept the project very low-budget and devoid of any bells and whistles.

“We just filmed it on our phones for the most part,” the Snatch star explained. “We were just like ‘if nothing happens with this, it’s fine’ or maybe we’ll just have a really fun home video.” 

Amy Schumer speaks with Oprah Winfrey on marriage

Schumer joined media mogul Oprah Winfrey during the talk show icon’s 2020 Vision: Your Life In Focus tour in January. The comedian covered several topics with Winfrey, including motherhood and marriage. Schumer admitted that before meeting Fischer, she hadn’t planned on walking down the aisle.

“I never wanted to get married,” Schumer told Winfrey, according to People. “I never wanted to have kids – I didn’t even think about it. Like kids — like little girls play weddings? I was, like, playing that I was a fortune teller, you know?”

After meeting Fischer, Schumer clearly had a change of heart and tied the knot with the chef in February 2018.

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“Then I met this dude,” she recalled to Winfrey. “I was, like, I want to partner up with you for life. And I do want to get the government involved. And I want you to sign. I want to make a vow. Everyone here heard you and now you are mine.”

The couple celebrated their second wedding anniversary earlier this year with baby Gene.