Amy and Tammy Slaton’s Weight Throughout 4 Seasons of ‘1000-lb Sisters’

The Slaton Sisters’ weights have been the backbone of TLC’s 1000-lb Sisters. After gaining traction on YouTube, Amy Slaton Halterman and Tammy Willingham (née Slaton) showcased their journey to weight loss surgery in the reality series.

With the premiere of 1000-lb Sisters Season 4 on Jan. 18, many people have found a renewed interest in the sisters’ weight loss. What did Amy and Tammy weigh when they started their journey? Here’s a look at how much Tammy and Amy have weighed over the last four seasons. 

Amy and Tammy Slaton's weight has fluctuated over the four seasons of '1000-lb Sisters'
The Slaton Sisters | TLC/Twitter

Tammy Slaton was at her heaviest weight at the start of ‘1000-lb Sisters’ Season 4 

As revealed in the season 4 premiere of the TLC series, Tammy weighed 717 pounds when she entered the Ohio rehab facility. When the series started, Tammy weighed 605 pounds.

Throughout the first season, Tammy and her sister met regularly with a weight loss doctor about reaching a goal so they could safely have surgery. At one point in season 1, Tammy weighed in at 587.4 pounds, her lightest weight in the series to date. 

In the second season of 1000-lb Sisters, doctors recorded Tammy’s weight at 665 pounds. Tammy’s weight continued to fluctuate throughout the season, and in season 3, she weighed 649.5 pounds. By the season 3 finale, Tammy fell into a coma and had to be put on a tracheostomy tube, where season 4 picks up. 

Tammy’s current weight in 2023 is unknown 

Season 4 of the TLC series was filmed throughout 2022, so what fans are seeing isn’t an accurate depiction of how much Tammy weighs in the present day. 

On Jan. 3, Tammy shared a TikTok to showcase her recent weight loss. Many fans asked about Tammy’s weight in the comments. However, Tammy couldn’t reveal her current weight or much about her personal life, as the TLC series will cover it. 


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“I really wish I could talk about all this stuff that’s going on with my weight and my hair and my clothes, my marriage, but I can’t,” she explained. At this point, the reality star is still “under contract” with TLC, so she’s limited as to what she can talk about while the show is filming and/or airing. 

Amy Slaton-Halterman’s weight since surgery 

When 1000-lb Sisters started, Amy weighed 406 pounds. To have weight loss surgery, Amy had to lose over 100 pounds so doctors could perform the procedure safely. Amy lost weight and had a successful surgery in 2019. During the second season’s premiere, Amy weighed in at 282 pounds. 

Amy had lost more weight by the time 1000-lb Sisters Season 3 premiered. When Amy’s son Gage was six months old, Amy weighed 260 pounds. However, in season 3 episode 10, she weighed 275 pounds. 

Chris Combs also lost weight after surgery

Chris Combs, the Slaton Sisters’ brother, has become a main character in the TLC series. As a result, many viewers are also interested in his weight loss journey. 

In season 3, Chris underwent a successful weight loss surgery. It’s unclear what his exact weight is, but he lost 140 pounds after his procedure. 

Stay up to date with the Slaton Sisters’ most current weights — watch 1000-lb Sisters on TLC