Amy Winehouse’s Ex-Husband Was Banned From Her Funeral

There’s not much more tragic than the death of a very young celebrity with insurmountable potential in their industry. Despite being an award-winning singer, Amy Winehouse was only beginning what was meant to be a long and thriving singing career. Instead, the young Grammy winner lost her life in a battle against her drug/alcohol addiction. When the news came out, friends and family took to her funeral to grieve the loss of their loved one–that is, everyone except her ex-husband, who was banned from the funeral.

(L-R) Amy Winehouse and Blake Fielder-Civil smiling, holding hands
(L-R) Amy Winehouse and Blake Fielder-Civil | Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Amy Winehouse and Blake Fielder-Civil’s chaotic relationship 

Winehouse and Blake-Fielder’s relationship was at best rocky and, at worst, life-threatening. Completely infatuated with the actor, the “Rehab” singer started dating him in 2005, got tattoos not long after, and was engaged within the next few months. By 2007, they had already tied the knot in a surprise ceremony, ready to begin their journey together as newlyweds. Only it would be one of tragedy, abuse, hard drugs, alcohol, and much more. Her father and fans alike still consider her tragic death to be Fielder-Civil’s doing. 

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“I don’t think I ruined her, no. I think we found each other, and certain people need to realize that she did have other addictions before she met me,” The Guardian reports Fielder-Civil saying. “She wasn’t a happy, well-adjusted young woman … and I find it disrespectful to imply I was some Machiavellian puppet master.”

Why did Amy Winehouse and Blake Fielder-Civil get divorced?

It was only a matter of time before their unhealthy relationship would meet its end. According to The Sun, their entire relationship was full of domestic abuse and drugs, despite Winehouse saying otherwise. “Just weeks later, pictures [emerged] of the singer covered in bruises and blood, her knee ripped open and her arms covered in bandages,” and her husband admitted to her throwing a bowl a chili at him at one point. That was only the beginning and certainly not the final straw in their reported violent relationship, however.

By 2009, “Blake sought a divorce from the star on the grounds of adultery, after seeing her with another man while on holiday in the Caribbean.”This would be the beginning of her worsening drug addiction that would spiral, putting her life at risk more often than not. Just two short years later, the “You Know I’m No Good” singer was found dead in her bed as the result of alcohol poisoning.

Blake was banned from her memorial services

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Following the superstar’s tragic death, Winehouse’s family banned her ex-husband from attending the funeral, placing much of the blame of her early death on his drug addiction that would later introduce her to the hard stuff. According to The Sun, he was in jail at the time of her death. When he heard the shocking news, Fielder-Civil broke down, saying, “I’m beyond inconsolable… my tears won’t dry. I will never ever again feel the love I left for her. Everybody who knew me and Amy knew the depth of our love. I can’t believe she’s dead.”