An ‘Anaconda’ Remake is Happening, But Don’t Expect Jennifer Lopez

Starving for another remake, are you? Well, Hollywood is obliging those wishes—regardless of whether you’re on board—by reviving another cult classic. Back in the ‘90s, the world was treated to a giant, monstrous snake in Anaconda.

The film starred Jennifer Lopez as a lead and earned mixed reviews from critics like Roger Ebert who called it “slick and scary.” It had humor, action, jump scares, and grisliness, making it a movie that fans remember and re-watch. Now, Anaconda is getting the reboot treatment.

Jennifer Lopez and Ice Cube in 'Anaconda'
Jennifer Lopez and Ice Cube in ‘Anaconda’ | Getty Images/Columbia Pictures

Modern version of ‘Anaconda’ is in the works

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that the original Anaconda film is on the table for a “reimagining.” The outlet reports that Snow White and the Huntsman screenwriter Evan Daugherty will be creating the new story and aims to put a modern twist on it.

Columbia Pictures—the studio behind both versions—reportedly wants the new feature to be something along the lines of The Meg, 2018’s colossal shark flick with Jason Statham.

Details are little, but this could mean that this century’s Anaconda turns the snake into some sort of ancient monster that is nearly unbeatable. Hopefully, there won’t be a puppy swimming around aimlessly in the snake’s territory in this Anaconda.

1997’s Anaconda was about a group of documentarians braving the Amazon jungle to make a film about an obscure tribe. They had to battle a grimy riverman and a sneaky, hulking, deadly anaconda. Lopez led the cast which also included Ice Cube, Jon Voight, Owen Wilson and Eric Stoltz. The original had panthers and whole humans getting devoured, so at the very least, expect that.

Multiple ‘Anaconda’ sequels have followed

Building on the love for the original Anaconda, filmmakers have dropped several sequels since 1997. The first came with 2004’s Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid, which only achieved moderate box office success. After that, Syfy sunk its fangs into the franchise with Anaconda 3: Offspring in 2008 with David Hasselhoff, and 2009’s Anacondas: Trail of Blood.

Just when you thought the string of snake thrillers had slithered on for good, Lake Placid vs. Anaconda came out in 2015. A few of these are considered D-list follow-ups, but the movies have kept the Anaconda mythology and fandom alive. Unlike the titles listed here, the new Anaconda won’t be a sequel.

Will Lopez be in the remake?

Lopez’s schedule has been packed as of late, with an upcoming Super Bowl performance, film projects on her plate, and behind the scenes work as a producer in television and film. On the music front, she put out a few new singles last year, but fans are unsure if a new album is coming. Somewhere in there, she’s probably trying to plan her wedding too.

With all that in mind, would she have time to sign on for an Anaconda reboot? At this time, J.Lo is not attached to the project, but the movie is too early in development to tell if she’ll be down or available for it. However, she wasn’t in any of the sequels, so it wouldn’t be surprising if she’s not part of this cast. Don’t count on it.