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An episode of Anne Heche and Heather Duffy’s podcast, Better Together, was deleted following Heche’s horrific car crash. The episode, posted hours before Heche’s MINI Cooper slammed into a home in Los Angeles’ Mar Vista neighborhood, reportedly included a clip in which Heche said she had been drinking after having a bad day. There is more to the story, though. 

Anne Heche discussed drinking in a recent ‘Better Together’ podcast 

On August 5, Anne Heche drove her blue MINI Cooper, at a high rate of speed, through a residential LA neighborhood. Ring cameras captured video of the hatchback zipping through the neighborhood seconds before it crashed into a home, catching fire. Firefighters pulled Heche from the wreckage. They worked for more than an hour to extinguish the blaze. 

After Heche’s horrific crash, podcast listeners noticed something strange. A Better Together podcast episode posted shortly before the accident included a segment in which Heche discussed having a bad day and drinking vodka with “wine chasers.” Reports indicated the episode had been recorded that morning. According to the producer, Ryan Tillotson, that was not the case. 

ABC's "Dancing With The Stars" stars Anne Heche.
Anne Heche | Frank Ockenfels /ABC via Getty Images

The podcast episode has since been deleted. All other episodes of Better Together are still available. The podcast, which Heche and Duffy began in 2020, is produced by Straw Hut Media. 

‘Better Together’ producer explains why the episode was removed 

The most recent Better Together episode was yanked from podcast feeds following Heche’s fiery car accident. There is nothing sinister going on, insists the podcast’s producer, Ryan Tillotson. Tillotson told Entertainment Tonight that the media company behind the production decided to remove the episode after several reports claimed the episode had been recorded in the hours before Heche’s crash. 

Tillotson did not deny that Heche discussed drinking in the episode. He said that Heche and Duffy did not record in the hours before the crash, though. Instead, The co-hosts recorded the episode several days before the accident, according to Tillotson. He went on to say the pair recorded the podcast on Tuesday, August 2. The accident happened on Friday, August 5. Its release date was just an unfortunate coincidence. 

Anne Heche remains in critical condition at a Los Angeles hospital

Heche’s condition has not improved in the week since her car accident. According to CNN, Heche is not expected to recover from injuries sustained in the accident. A statement issued by a family representative said, “Unfortunately, due to her accident, Anne Heche suffered a severe anoxic brain injury and remains in a coma, in critical condition. She is not expected to survive.” 

Reports immediately following the accident suggested that Heche, while burned in the accident, was in stable condition. It is unknown if the initial reports were inaccurate or if Heche suffered further medical complications once she arrived at an area hospital. Initial reports said she was conscious when pulled from the wreck.

According to TMZ, the LAPD is still looking at the possibility that Heche was under the influence of drugs when she crashed into the home occupied by professional organizer Lynne Mishele. According to a source who spoke with the publication, alcohol was not a factor in the crash. Blood samples did show traces of fentanyl and cocaine in Heche’s system, though. It is unclear if the drugs were present in Heche’s blood because of medical intervention after the accident. 

The Mar Vista Home where Anne Heche crashed her MINI Cooper on August 5
The scene of Anne Heche’s car accident | Carolyn Cole / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

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The home’s occupant received care for minor injuries following the crash. The Los Angeles Fire Department “red-tagged” the 700-square-foot home immediately after the accident.