An Old Photo of Kim Kardashian Has Convinced People She Secretly Hates Dogs

There’s not much cuter than a picture of an adorable dog, and Kim Kardashian West is someone who appreciates a cute picture.

But a recent photo she posted of her with two of the family’s dogs has some fans convinced that she doesn’t really love the dogs at all. Given her history, they suspect that she only uses them for social media likes and that she actually hates dogs. Here are some reasons why. 

Pomeranian pups at the Kardashian West house

Kim Kardashian West
Kim Kardashian West | Marc Piasecki/GC Images

In 2017, Kim gave her daughter North a fluffy white Pomeranian puppy, according to Hello Magazine, for her fourth birthday. North named her new friend Sushi, and the two of them together were almost too cute. 

The family struggled a little with Sushi, calling in dog expert Cesar Milan to help them control her constant barking. Despite this, Kim surprised fans in September 2019 by announcing that they’d brought home two more Pomeranian puppies. She said that North wanted the new dogs’ names to match Sushi’s. They were considering naming the white puppy Sake and the black puppy either Soba or Soy Sauce.

With the new pack of dogs in her house, you might think that Kim is a big animal lover. But people have noticed that her history with pets suggests otherwise.

Pets don’t last long for the Kar/Jenners

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Over the last decade, according to The Daily Beast, about 40 pets have appeared in the Kar/Jenners’ life. Dogs, cats, chickens, and even a peacock have been seen as family pets.

But viewers have noticed that many of them disappear quickly after they first show up. It looks like they don’t actually care about the animals, but that they’re just using them as accessories. 

The new pups certainly aren’t the first pets to make their way through the Kardashian-West home. In 2012, Kanye gave Kim a white Persian kitten named Mercy, according to E! Online.

Kim soon discovered that she was allergic to Mercy, so she passed the kitten on to Khloe’s assistant, Sydney Hitchcock. Sadly. Mercy died shortly after from a virus. 

Then there was North’s hamster, Blacktail. Aunt Khloe gave the rodent to her niece as a gift, and Kim was not happy about it. When Blacktail died shortly after, she was even less pleased, saying, “I don’t have time for a dead hamster.”

People were also not impressed when she recently showed off pictures of North’s new horse

But maybe the new dogs are evidence that Kim is really a dog lover? Fans don’t think so. 

Fans aren’t buying her new affection for dogs

Kim herself has admitted to being lukewarm toward furry friends in general. In 2016, she said, “I’m not the biggest animal person.” New pup pictures aren’t convincing people otherwise. 

A Reddit conversation started about a picture Kim posted on Instagram, showing her cuddling Sushi and one of the new dogs, Sake. While some thought the picture was cute, others weren’t convinced the dogs were anything more than a prop to Kim.

One commenter confessed that it made her laugh, seeing “kim ‘I don’t like dogs’ kardashian posing with Pomeranians. Amazing.”

“Using the dog for a cute pic,” another said, claiming that Kim’s motives for cuddling the pup were fairly shallow. 

One fan came to her defense, suggesting that having the dogs around may have caused a change of heart for the star. “Parents often end up falling for the dog when they relent and get it for the kid.”

At least one person was willing to give her the benefit of the doubt, but they still found it funny. “I hope she did change, dogs add so much to life I love them, it just makes me laugh imagining 2018 Kim seeing these pictures.”

Hopefully, the three Pomeranians really have won Kim’s heart, and fans will continue to see them being loved by the family. But if some fans are right, the dog will disappear, joining a long list of Kar-Jenner pets that turned out to be temporary.