Ana Navarro Shares With ‘The View’ Fans Update on Mother’s Health

Ana Navarro is a fan-favorite on The View because she never holds back when fighting for what’s right in politics. However, behind her wittiness and smile, the political commentator had been hiding pain as her mother was ill in the hospital. Fans of the popular co-host urged her to go to Nicaragua to see her mother after she was discharged from the hospital in a miraculous event. Due to the political climate, the ABC daytime star can’t go to Nicaragua but she has a health update for all the fans wondering how her mother is doing.

Ana Navarro talking
Ana Navarro | Lou Rocco/Disney General Entertainment Content via Getty Images

Ana Navarro’s mother is ‘a little better’

When Navarro opened up on The View about having regrets for not having spent more time with her mother when she was healthy, fans suggested she visit her in Nicaragua. However, due to the current regime in the Central American country, Navarro fears being incarcerated for opposing the government in power. In conversation with both of her parents, Navarro decided not to visit her mother but has been contacting her on FaceTime every day.

The CNN contributor updated her fans on Instagram about how her mother is doing after leaving the hospital and settling back home.

“My mom is now at home. Some days, she’s a little better. Some days, she’s a little worse,” Navarro shared. “If she gets better, they want to come to Miami to visit her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren and meet the new great-granddaughter who is scheduled to be born next month. She will be named, “Violet”, for my mom. She’s beaten the odds before. God, I so badly hope she makes it.”

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Fan support makes Ana Navarro’s mother smile

For Navarro, talking about her mother’s declining health is not easy, and shared that she tries to keep busy because life doesn’t stop. However, she said that her mom rarely leaves her mind. Navarro also gave a different perspective to things and feels like she’s “one of the lucky ones” for having had both of her parents “almost 50 years” in her life.

“My mom’s health has been declining for several years. I’ve been bracing for this for a long time. Stupidly, I thought I was ready,” she added.

Navarro ended her sweet update by sharing with her fans that she had recently told her mother “many people were praying for her and it made her smile.”

“She is a woman of great faith. I think it helps in moments like this,” she ended.

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Ana Navarro | Lou Rocco/Disney General Entertainment Content via Getty Images

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How Ana Navarro keeps busy

Navarro has been making headlines as of late and it was her quick wit that made fans love her even more. When Shark Tank star Barbara Corcoran made an appearance on The View she made a joke at Whoopi Goldberg’s expense that did not land well. Luckily, Navarro was there to fire back and save the day.

The television personality also shares adorable videos of her dog Chacha, who has her own Instagram account too. Navarro’s fashion commentary is always on point and she served with hilarious critiques of the Met Gala this year.