‘And Just Like That…’: Alexa Swinton Talks Rock’s Coming out Episode

And Just Like That is showing Charlotte York (Kristin Davis) raising her two kids. One of them just changed their name and pronouns. Alexa Swinton talked about Rock’s big episode and what she likes most about it. 

Charlotte York’s child came out on ‘And Just Like That…’

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The season started with Charlotte having a few awkward moments with her youngest child. The first episode showed Rock not wanting to wear the dress Charlotte bought them to wear Lily’s (Cathy Ang) recital. Later Rock said they didn’t like being called a “girl” because they don’t feel like one.

Charlotte seemed curious about her child’s exploration. But then she was caught off guard in “Tragically Hip.” The mother found out Rock asked everyone at school to call them “Rock,” and now they use they/them pronouns. Harry (Chris Jackson) seemed more against the change. But Charlotte is open to following Rock’s lead with their exploration of gender.

It also turns out that Rock came out on TikTok with a rap without telling them. Swinton is now talking about Rock’s big episode.

Alexa Swinton talks Rock’s coming out episode

Alexa Swinton as Rock in 'And Just Like That...' takes a selfie.
Alexa Swinton as Rock in ‘And Just Like That…’ | HBO Now

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Rock took their parents by surprise by their name change and pronouns. But Swinton explained why she liked how Rock handled it and the tone of the scenes.

“I know that a lot of my friends also had a lot of experiences with that and that they were really scared,” Swinton told Insider. “So I think it’s great that we also have people who are very comfortable with that being represented.”

She then added, “It’s not forcibly sad, and it’s just kind of like they’re themselves, and they don’t have to be upset about that.”

Kristin Davis said Charlotte’s need for control is being challenged

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Charlotte has always been determined to have a family. Now that she has it, she’s learning a lot about the unexpected aspects of parenting.

“I can just say that parenting is a journey and a process, and kids come into the world with their own thing going on and you cannot control that,” Davis told Entertainment Weekly. “And, as we know, Charlotte, one of her central issues is about control, so I think it’s really perfect that she has children that she can’t control. Lily has some stuff coming as well [that] pushes Charlotte’s buttons. Because that’s what children do! And you get to see what a wonderful husband and father Harry is.”

It sounds like the parents will be working together this season to understand their child. Fans will have to keep watching Charlotte and Rock’s journey.