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And Just Like That revealed where the Sex and the City characters are years later. It’s unclear if the show will be back for more seasons, but Kristin Davis teased Charlotte York’s story and how it ends.

Charlotte York is raising her daughters in ‘And Just Like That…’

In Sex and the City, Charlotte was determined to find her husband then become a mother. It wasn’t easy, but she accomplished both goals.

And Just Like That… is now showing her raising her daughters Lily (Cathy Ang) and Rose (Alexa Swinton) with her husband, Harry (Christopher Jackson). The first episode showed Charlotte and Lily getting along. But there is a tense moment when Charlotte insists Rose wear a dress to Lily’s recital. 

Rose refuses at first, but Harry also tries to convince her to wear it. The episode ends with Rose wearing the dress with her own clothes on top of it. 

Did Kristin Davis hint a story will leave room for a second season?

Charlotte’s focus outside of her friends will be her daughters, it seems. Davis revealed her character would be challenged as a mother. 

“We talked about it off screen probably more than we talk about it on screen,” she told Deadline, according to Elle. “The Rose journey is going to be a long one, so it’s not necessarily something that will have a distinct end this season.”

The actor hinted that the show doesn’t just have its first non-binary character, Che Diaz (Sara Ramirez). But Rose’s journey will also be about gender.

The fact that the story won’t have a clean end could mean several things. One, it could mean that Rose is young therefore, she might not come to one conclusion after her journey to give her room to grow. Two, it could mean her story, along with other stories will be left open for another season.

The show’s creator hinted there could be a second season

Cathy Ang as Lily, Kristin Davis as Charlotte York, and Alexa Swinton as Rose sit next to each other in 'And Just Like That...'
Cathy Ang as Lily, Kristin Davis as Charlotte York, and Alexa Swinton as Rose in ‘And Just Like That…’ | HBO Max

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The beloved characters are back, but are they here to stay? “As we were working, it always felt like the beginning. It didn’t feel like a beginning, middle and an end,” creator Michael Patrick King told Emmy magazine. “So I think it’s possible to keep going—if we have enough good stories.”

The show came back with a lot of criticism from critics and fans. That’s because big choices were made to push the characters forward with a big death and writing out Kim Cattrall, who plays Samantha Jones. Fans will have to wait and see how the rest of the season plays out and if there will be a second season.