‘And Just Like That…’: Miranda Hobbes’ Storyline Isn’t Actually out of Character

Sex and the City fans are not thrilled with Miranda Hobbes’ behavior in And Just Like That… While some fans believe Miranda Hobbes is acting completely out of character, that might not be entirely true. The reboot might just be highlighting some of Miranda’s less-than-desirable qualities and traits. They were there all along, though. In fact, the original series highlighted some of her more toxic characteristics, just in a more comedic way. 

Miranda Hobbes is treating Steve Brady poorly in And Just Like That…

By the time And Just Like That… began, Miranda and Steve Brady had been married for more than a decade. While their romance was never smooth, fans were shocked to find Miranda completely miserable in her marriage. After all, Miranda and Steve is one of the couples that fans had long ‘shipped. Most importantly, they appeared to work out their differences by the end of Sex and the City: The Movie

David Eigenberg as Steve Brady and Cynthia Nixon as Miranda Hobbes sit next to each other in a theater in 'And Just Like That...'
David Eigenberg as Steve Brady and Cynthia Nixon as Miranda Hobbes in ‘And Just Like That…’ | HBO Max

Some fans took to Reddit to suggest Miranda’s cheating storyline was completely out of character. While Miranda was never a cheater, her desire to flee a settled relationship is far from new. In fact, Miranda carried that trait through the entirety of Sex and the City. It was especially evident when it came to Steve.  

If you think about it, Miranda Hobbes wasn’t so sure about Steve in ‘Sex and the City’ either 

While Miranda’s cheating storyline is cringeworthy according to some fans, one could argue that the behavior tracks pretty well when you think about Miranda’s overall approach to Steve, and dating in general, in the original series. Miranda only showed an interest in several of her partners when she could no longer have them. Her interest waned when they were in a relationship, though. 

Miranda wasn’t interested in dating Steve until he walked out of Denial in season 2 of Sex and the City. After the duo broke up the second time, Miranda’s interest was only heavily renewed after seeing Steve with Jessica. Later, after they had Brady, Miranda was most interested in Steve when he was already seeing Debbie. 

Steve isn’t the only romantic partner that Miranda acted that way with, either. After seeing him with another woman, Miranda renewed her interest in Skipper Johnston in season 1 of Sex and the City. When she realized he left his new partner for her, she was no longer interested. You could argue that her interest in Dr. Robert Leeds waned after he told her that he loved her, too. 

Miranda’s addictive personality was foreshadowed in ‘Sex and the City’, too 

While Miranda’s poor behavior toward Steve has bothered plenty of fans tuning into the reboot, that’s not the only issue they’ve taken with the direction of her character. From early on in the reboot, fans have voiced their concerns about Miranda’s alcoholism storyline. Viewers lamented that it was out of character and that Miranda would be self-aware enough to realize she had become a problem drinker long before she did.  

Sara Ramirez and Cynthia Nixon on 'And Just Like That...'
Sara Ramirez and Cynthia Nixon on ‘And Just Like That…’ | HBO

‘And Just Like That…’ Deviates From ‘Sex in the City’ in 1 Small but Significant Way

That’s not entirely the case, though. Sex and the City writers flirted with Miranda’s addictive personality traits early and often. Miranda had several storylines around her issues with moderation. Early in the show, Miranda was obsessed with jelly beans while going through a sexual dry spell. Later, she replaced sex with food again, just in chocolate form. While food and alcohol are two very different things, the show’s writers mentioned Miranda’s difficulty with moderation and her tendency to hide her feelings with other things in Sex and the City