‘And Just Like That …’ Sarah Jessica Parker Says Carrie and Miranda Are ‘Very Hard’ on Each Other

Sarah Jessica Parker acknowledged that her Sex and the City and And Just Like That … character Carrie Bradshaw is especially tough on Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon) but said that’s what takes the characters to a place of truth.

Carrie and Miranda had some of the biggest blowout fights on the show and in the first Sex and the City film. They also had an intense argument on And Just Like That … when Miranda is supposed to be caring for Carrie after her hip surgery. But instead hooks up with Carrie’s podcast co-host in her kitchen.

Parker recently said the characters are designed to go deep when it comes to their friendship.

Carrie and Miranda are always hard on each other

In And Just Like That … Carrie came down hard on Miranda when she decided to leave her marriage and move to Los Angeles to be with Che Diaz. Fans wondered if writers made her reaction intentional because Miranda lashed out at Carrie on Sex and the City when Carrie decided to quit her column and move to Paris with Aleksandr Petrovsky.

The cast of 'Sex and the City' walk down the street for the 2007 movie
Kristin Davis, Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, and Kim Cattrall | Brian Ach/WireImage

Parker nodded when asked about the parallel. But said on the Watch What Happens Live After Show, “That’s a [showrunner] Michael Patrick King question.”

“But Carrie and Miranda are always very hard on each other,” she continued. “I think they know that the relationship can sustain really probing, honest, painful conversations about who you are trying to be. Like all these questions are you being true.”

Sarah Jessica Parker insists they have many good friendship moments

Some fans criticized how Carrie treated Miranda, citing the “bulls*** bagels episode from Sex and the City. Miranda threw out her back in the shower and called Carrie for help. But instead of running over to help Miranda, Carrie sent boyfriend Aidan Shaw. Carrie later arrived with bagels, and Miranda called her out.

The Cut reflected on that moment on Instagram and Parker felt the need to comment on it. “That’s the worst example!!! Come on! There are so many moments when Carrie is good, generous, reliable, loving, present, and supportive to her dear Miranda. I assure you! We just need time together and a VCR, I can prove it!”

Cynthia Nixon also says the friendship needs conflict for growth

Nixon also loves the conflict but admitted some fans don’t, especially in the spin-off. “I think some people are not loving seeing these characters may be off-kilter, but I love that,” she said on The Drew Barrymore Show.

Nixon said the characters need to have conflict in order to grow and develop. “Out of crises come really productive things,” she added. “You’re not young anymore, but you’re not old, either. And you still have time to make sure that your life is the way you want it to be.”

During her WWHL appearance, Parker said she loves doing the tougher scenes with Nixon. But added that so much of what Kristin Davis (Charlotte York Goldenblatt) did this season was also tough. “Her scene at the picnic table where she’s like, ‘Wait, wait … you’re gonna have non-binary sex,'” Parker recalled. “Like that whole – wasn’t she amazing in that?”

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