‘Andor’: Diehard ‘Star Wars’ Fans Might Recognize Those Blue Noodles From the Premiere


  • Andor Episode 1 features blue noodles that diehard Star Wars fans will recognize.
  • Star Wars fans can make Andor‘s Glowblue noodles for themselves.
  • The Glowblue noodles have one big thing in common with other Star Wars foods.
Key art for 'Andor' for our article about the blue noodles in episode 1. It features Diego Luna as Cassian Andor on the top, with the rest of the cast below him. There's a moon in the background, and the backdrop is white and orange.
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Andor is bringing Star Wars fans back to a galaxy far, far away — and although the Disney+ series offers a new perspective on the Rebel Alliance, it stays true to the science-fiction world we know and love. One obvious sign of that is during Andor Episode 1, when a look at the Pre-Mor Authority sees one of its employees gulping down blue noodles. Dedicated Star Wars fans may recognize this dish. In fact, it’s even possible to make it at home.

Fans will recognize the blue noodles in ‘Andor’ Episode 1

That’s right, those paying close attention to Andor Episode 1 will notice that the premiere shows off a box of blue noodles. As Looper points out, these are known as Glowblue noodles in the Star Wars universe.

According to Wookieepedia, Glowblue noodles are a creation of Chef Gormaanda — one that later makes its way into Strono Tuggs’ cookbook, The Official Black Spire Outpost Cookbook. Judging by Andor, the dish has become popularized by the year 5 BBY. It’s well-loved enough to appear in a to-go container, suggesting whatever restaurants exist near the Pre-Mor Authority headquarters are serving it.

And of course, those who have been to Galaxy’s Edge — or perused a lot of Star Wars merchandise — will know The Official Black Spire Outpost Cookbook exists in real life as well. It contains the recipe for the blue noodles that appear in Andor Episode 1, so viewers can learn to make Glowblue noodles at home.

‘Star Wars’ fans can make ‘Andor’s blue noodles themselves

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Whether or not you picked up on the blue noodles in Andor Episode 1, you can actually try them if you’re feeling adventurous. The recipe for the dish appears in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge: The Official Black Spire Outpost Cookbook by Chelsea Monroe-Cassel and Marc Sumerak.

It doesn’t take long to whip up the Glowblue Noodles, with preparation and cooking time estimated to take around 21 minutes. The dish is made primarily of rice noodles and blue butterfly pea tea, the latter of which gives the dish its strange coloring. That’s the most important part of replicating Gormaanda’s recipe. After that, fans just need to add sauce and garnishing.

And according to Redditors who have made this Star Wars dish, it’s worth the effort.

“This has been my family’s favorite dish out of the cookbook so far,” admitted one Redditor, who made the Glowblue noodles alongside the Xizor Salad.

“We’ve been having fun trying these recipes,” another Redditor wrote. “Made the Glowblue noodles a few weeks ago and they were great!”

Needless to say, the blue presentation doesn’t impact the taste negatively — in fact, it seems to make the recipe more interesting. And Star Wars has a history of introducing odd-colored foods. One only needs to look to the other movies and shows to see that.

‘Star Wars’ has a history of introducing odd-colored foods

The blue noodles from Andor are the latest odd food to attract the attention of Star Wars fans, but the franchise frequently introduces weird-looking concoctions. As Screen Rant points out, we’ve seen brightly colored dishes crop up on multiple occasions. From Grogu’s blue macarons in The Mandalorian to the blue Bantha milk from A New Hope, there’s no shortage of interesting delicacies in a galaxy far, far away.

It’s possible we’ll see more fun dishes as Andor continues, though the action may get too fast-paced to focus on food. Either way, eagle-eyed fans will be watching for more Easter eggs.

New episodes of Andor debut every Wednesday on Disney+.

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