‘Andor’ Episode 3 Ending, Explained: A ‘Reckoning’

That’s what a reckoning sounds like! Andor has premiered with its first three episodes on Disney+, and the Star Wars series has fully taken off by the time the third installment comes to a close. What began as Cassian Andor (Diego Luna) attempting to get away with killing two members of the Pre-Mor Authority concludes with him joining the Rebel Alliance. But what exactly happened during Andor Episode 3’s ending, and how will it impact the Disney+ series moving forward?

[Warning: Spoilers ahead for Andor Episodes 1-3.]

‘Andor’ Episode 3 sees the Pre-Mor Authority coming to Ferrix

Fiona Shaw as Maarva during the ending of 'Andor' Episode 3. She's sitting in a chair, and there's a circular window behind her.
Fiona Shaw in ‘Andor’ | Lucasfilm Ltd.

Andor kicked off with a three-episode premiere on Disney+, but the new Star Wars show truly picks up during its third chapter.

Episode 3 sees the Pre-Mor Authority — led by Deputy Inspector Syril Karn (Kyle Soller) — coming to Ferrix to capture Cassian. Their timing couldn’t be worse, as the series’ lead is about to meet up with Bix’s (Adria Arjona) contact, Luthen Rael (Stellan Skarsgård). If their deal goes well, Cassian plans to take the money and escape off-planet. However, Syril and his goons arrive, complicating matters.

Fortunately, they start their search at Cassian’s home, where Maarva (Fiona Shaw) isn’t giving anything up. They only locate Cassian because of his communication with B2EMO. And even after tracking Cassian down, they don’t manage to arrest him for the murders he committed in Andor Episode 1.

That’s mostly thanks to Luthen, who turns out to be far more than someone interested in buying Cassian’s Imperial Starpath unit. Luthen reveals himself to be involved with the Rebel Alliance, and he wants Cassian to join their ranks. At this point in the show, Cassian doesn’t have much choice in the matter. It’s either go with Luthen, whose carefully planted traps hold Syril Karn and his cronies off, or stick around and find himself arrested for his crimes.

Needless to say, Cassian agrees to join Luthen as Andor Episode 3 is ending. But how exactly do they escape the Pre-Mor Authority, and what does this development mean for the rest of the season?

‘Andor’ Episode 3 ending, explained

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When the members of the Pre-Mor Authority interrupt Cassian’s deal with Luthen, they find themselves walking into a trap placed by the latter character. Luthen has experience fighting the Empire, so it’s no surprise he rigs the doorway with explosives — or that he’s already thinking about an escape before the group shows up.

Cassian and Luthen get away from the enemy as the explosives tear apart the building they’re in. Unfortunately, Cassian drops the Imperial Starpath unit and isn’t able to retrieve it. That could come back to bite him later, but he’s got bigger things to worry about at present.

Cassian and Luthen take a speeder bike and make their way to Luthen’s ship, all while another speeder distracts Syril and his men. The second speeder explodes, allowing the pair to get away without attracting much attention. Additionally, the residents of Ferrix provide a diversion of their own. All around the city, people begin banging objects together, a show of solidarity against the invaders.

“That’s what a reckoning sounds like,” Maarva tells the man guarding her home. And she’s not wrong. The people’s willingness to stand against the Empire hints at what’s to come, especially now that Cassian and Luthen have gotten away.

But while Cassian manages to escape the Empire’s clutches, Bix and her boyfriend aren’t so lucky. Bix is captured and hurt by the men looking for Cassian, and Timm (James McArdle) is killed trying to save her. Of course, it’s Timm’s fault the men are there in the first place, as he’s the one who sold Cassian out. Still, it’s a tragic moment, and it could have a powerful impact on Bix’s character arc moving forward.

How the ending will impact the rest of the ‘Star Wars’ series

The first two chapters of Andor set the stage for Cassian to join the Rebel Alliance, but the ending of episode 3 is the real turning point for his character. Until Luthen shows up, Cassian is primarily concerned with finding his sister, who he unwillingly left behind on their home planet, Kenari. Episode 3’s flashbacks show how Maarva and her husband took Cassian from the planet, assuming the Empire would destroy it after discovering the wreckage of one of their ships.

It’s unclear whether Cassian’s sister is alive or dead, and Maarva’s suspicions about Kenari’s fate don’t bode well for the character. Still, we’ll likely see more of Cassian’s attempts to find her in future episodes of Andor. He’ll also be busy with his new duties for the rebellion.

What’s interesting about Andor‘s setup is that it paints Cassian as a reluctant member of the Rebel Alliance rather than an eager and willing one. Those who have seen Rogue One know his contempt for the Empire runs deep. It’ll be interesting to see how his time among the Rebels changes his character, bringing us from Andor to the movie that inspired it.

And as much as we hate to say it, Ferrix’s stand against the Empire could cause an angry Pre-Mor Authority to come down on the planet. That would certainly push Cassian further into the Rebel Alliance. Hopefully, he won’t lose the people closest to him — but the ending of Andor Episode 3 doesn’t exactly end on a positive note. And Syril Karn is mad.

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