André 3000 Receives Support on Social Media After Being Criticized by Young Thug

Despite being a famed lyricist and a part of the legendary rap group OutKast, André 3000 stays off the grid. He seemingly traded in the spotlight in favor of a more relaxed life, rapping and making public appearances sparingly. But he found himself in headlines during the week of Nov. 22 after fellow Atlanta rapper Young Thug slighted him in an interview.

After catching wind of the barb, social media users rallied behind the “Prototype” hitmaker, saying he paved the way for rappers like Young Thug and pointing out his past praise of the So Much Fun artist.

André 3000 at an event
André 3000 at an event in January 2016 in Pasadena, California | Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

What Young Thug said about André 3000 exactly

Young Thug’s comments came during a November appearance on T.I.’s ExpediTIously podcast. The two were discussing André 3000’s impact as a rapper when Young Thug said, “I can’t rap you two André 3000 songs. I ain’t never paid attention to him. Never in my life.”

His remarks stunned T.I., who urged him to team up with the “Hey Ya!” rapper, especially since he’s known to collaborate with other artists, including Elton John. But Young Thug maintained there’s a difference between the two artists.

“Elton John like to kiss a**, Andre like his a** kissed,” he continued. “[Elton John is] just more of a fan type of [N-word], to the point I’m like, ‘[N-word, let’s do music!’ He’s like, ‘[N-word], bet.’ André more like, ‘This is his secretary.’”

From there, he and T.I. continued to go back and forth on the subject, with T.I. suggesting to his “About the Money” collaborator that he had the wrong impression of André 3000. But Young Thug stood by his remarks.

Young Thug and T.I.
Young Thug and T.I. | Prince Williams/WireImage

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André 3000 fans were appalled by Young Thug’s comments

So far, André 3000 has not publicly addressed Young Thug’s comments. But fans were quick to call out the “Go Crazy” rapper on social media.

“Young Thug says he hasn’t worked with Andre 3000 because he feels Dre looks down on the new generation. I feel like Thug made that up in his head. 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️,” said one Twitter user.

“Young Thug praising Elton John but disrespecting Andre 3000 don’t sit right,” added another.

“André 3000’s legend should never be called in to question,” wrote a third person. “From his flows, delivery, style, and liberation of rap in the south, he will forever be one of the most iconic staples in hip hop’s entire history. With all due respect, what Young Thug says about him don’t matter.”

Another social media user noted that André 3000 has shouted out Young Thug at least once since his 2011 rise to fame. “Back in 2016 at Phife Dawg’s funeral, Andre 3000 personally shouted out Young Thug when talking about the new generation of rappers changing the tide of music. Let this show that EGO is the death of men,” read the tweet, which included a video of the moment.

But at the same time, some people leveled with Young Thug

“If Young Thug doesn’t see himself in Andre 3000, that’s valid. If anything, it raises the question of why others insist on seeing 3 Stacks in Jeffery,” wrote one spectator.

“Neither are really obligated to work with one another if they don’t want to,” someone else wrote, while a third defender argued, “Y’all took the Thug/Andre situation out of context but that’s just me.”

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Oof. Well, let’s just hope that this won’t create any drama between these two icons.