Andrea Savage From ‘I’m Sorry’ Answers Fans’ Burning Questions During Season Finale

Like most clever parents Andrea Savage from I’m Sorry had to pivot from Plan A of answering questions on Facebook Live to a relatively static Twitter exchange. Savage originally planned to do a Facebook Live feed during the season finale of the show, but (thank you Facebook) the widespread outage zapped that plan.

Savage’s hilarious series provides a funnier and better than life portrayal of what most working parents encounter on a daily basis. Savage’s running jokes and refreshing approach to parenting resonates with audiences. Her character expertly juggles the role of trying to maintain a sanguine attitude with her young daughter to being a filthy joke writer that make her male co-writers on the show blush.

Andrea Savage |Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

She answered as many questions as possible during her funeral filled series finale. Which yes, was extremely funny.

She answered a lot of questions

Savage was hopeful that social media would resolve itself by the time the episode aired. “Ugh. As of now, not looking good,” she tweeted. “It is 100% down where I am. Will decide by 6!”

But as the time drew closer, Savage turned to Twitter. “Guys! I am so sad to say that we have to cancel this tonight because Facebook is still down. I blame @TomEScott. I will try and still answer questions below!! And don’t forget to watch tonight at 10pm!!”

Fans dove in, asking just about anything and everything. Some wondered about whether the young actress who plays her daughter was allowed to watch the show since it is pretty edgy. “Nope. I believe a little of her stuff here and there. My irl daughter is not allowed either.” When another person asked how she stayed in such great shape she answered how many fans would expect. “Honestly? Intense stress for long periods of time is the only thing that does it. Not the most healthy of answers, but the truth.”

Savage addressed questions about the series

I’m Sorry has a lot of the same feel as shows like Curb Your Enthusiasm where the cast can take liberties on the dialog. But Savage wrote, “The whole show is completely scripted and we do a loose take or two for every scene with some improv. Once in awhile a piece of that sneaks in!”

She also confirmed that a lot of the content comes from her real life. Her mother actually does feed her husband (named Leon) in bed. Plus, she adds, “Almost everything comes from a true story of mine or one of our other writers!”

As a professional, Savage has worn many hats. A fan asked which she preferred, writing or acting. “I kind of can’t separate the 2 in my mind, so lame answer, but both!” she wrote. Also is it true that someone always says the phrase, “I’m sorry” in every episode? “I don’t know if that is true,” she responded. “If it is, it is not intentionally done!”

Also, she says working with Kathy Baker, who plays her mother is dreamy. “More dreamy than you could imagine,” she wrote. “@thekathybaker is incredible to work with and as a human.” And that (sarcastically) yes, Tom E. Scott, who plays her husband brags about everything. “I am the best at bragging about everything,” Scott hilariously replied.

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