Are Andrew Cuomo’s Daughters Married and What Are Their Thoughts on the Allegations?

As the New York State Governor comes under fire, many people wonder about Andrew Cuomo‘s daughters. How old are they now, and are they married? What do the adult celebrity kids think of the sexual allegations against their father and the investigations regarding handling the COVID-19 pandemic?

Andrew Cuomo and his three daughters
Andrew Cuomo, and daughters Cara, Mariah and Michaela , | Richard Corkery/NY Daily News Archive via Getty Images

Who is Andrew Cuomo’s wife?

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo married Kerry Kennedy in 1990. The couple divorced in 2005. His ex-wife is the seventh child of Senator Robert F. Kennedy and is currently the president of a nonprofit Human Rights advocacy group in her father’s name.

While married, the couple had three daughters together — twins Cara and Mariah, and Michaela. Following Cuomo’s divorce from Kennedy, he began dating Food Network star, Sandra Lee. The pair dated for 14 years before splitting in September 2019. However, Lee remains close to Cuomo, his daughters, and his family.

Are Andrew Cuomo’s daughters married?

Andrew Cuomo’s twins, Mariah and Cara, born in 1995, are now 25-years-old. Their younger sister, Michaela, born in 1997, is 23-years-old. None of Cuomo’s daughters are married, but one has a serious boyfriend. Mariah told People in 2020 that the governor “really does like ‘the boyfriend'” Tellef Lundevall.

Andrew Cuomo and daughters Cara, Michaela and Mariah
Andrew Cuomo with his daughters Michaela Cuomo, Mariah Cuomo and Cara Cuomo | Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

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There were also rumors that Cara began dating Dane Pfeiffer, a state trooper on Cuomo’s security detail, during the coronavirus pandemic. According to the New York Post, Pfeiffer requested a “voluntary transfer” to northeastern New York in May of 2020. There are no reports regarding whether the two are still dating.

The Cuomo family is very close

In March 2020, Cuomo’s three daughters moved into the governor’s mansion in Albany to quarantine together during the COVID-19 pandemic. Cuomo was grateful for the extra time with his daughters, and all three helped with pandemic relief. 

“Being able to see and more deeply understand what that work ethic he and his team share has made me so much more appreciative,” Cara told the outlet. She is even more grateful for “all the times growing up when Dad has stepped away from that work to support me — whether coming to every one of my soccer games in middle school or taking me to dinner after work when he is in New York City for the day.”

During the pandemic, Mariah began a project as a volunteer at the New York Department of Health to get New Yorkers to wear face masks to protect themselves and others against the coronavirus.

While staying at the mansion, Cara tracked down masks and gowns for hospital workers, while Michaela worked with support groups. Mariah even suggested follow-up tweets to the governor after his daily pandemic briefings. The three girls continue to remain very supportive and close to their father.

Andrew Cuomo’s daughters haven’t commented on allegations

While Cuomo’s three daughters have not made any public comments about the allegations against their father, his sister has. Maria Cuomo Cole shared numerous tweets defending her brother against the sexual assault allegations.

The former top aide, Lindsey Boylan, was only the first woman who made sexual harrassment allegations against Cuomo. According to CNBC, two more women came forward, both former aides to the governor, Karen Hinton and Ana Liss. Maria Cuomo Cole hasn’t commented on either of the other women. Cuomo’s daughters remain silent about the allegations.