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Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone chatting might be a gold mine of funny behind-the-scenes details for The Amazing Spider-Man. However, Garfield’s chat with West Side Story actor Rachel Zegler revealed even more hilarious info. He confessed that he, Tobey Maguire, and Tom Holland all had the same strange issue with their superhero suits in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Andrew Garfield never thought he’d face his Spider-Man suit problem after The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

'Spider-Man: No Way Home' actor Andrew Garfield, out of his Spider-Man suit, at the 2018 Tony Awards Meet The Nominees Press Junket
Andrew Garfield | Jemal Countess/Getty Images for Tony Awards Productions

‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ actor Andrew Garfield never thought he would wear the Spider-Man suit after Marc Webb’s ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2’

When In the Heights’ Rachel Zegler turned their conversation to Spider-Man: No Way Home, Andrew Garfield said that it had been at least “six or seven years” since he wore the Spider-Man suit in The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

“I didn’t imagine I would ever be doing it again,” Garfield said in Variety’s ‘Actors on Actors’ series. “I closed that chapter and kind of gave it a kiss and said ‘thank you’ and became a fan again.”

However, when he returned for Spider-Man: No Way Home, the Andrew Garfield Spider-Man suit brought up one issue he had from his Amazing Spider-Man days.

And hilariously, both Tom Holland and Tobey Maguire have the same problem.

Andrew Garfield said Tobey Maguire, Tom Holland and he bonded over having a hard time peeing with their Spider-Man suits

Spider-Man: No Way Home put Andrew Garfield in his Spider-Man suit with Holland and Maguire, two actors with unique experiences. It can be hard to relate to the Spider-Man role without playing Spider-Man. And they all related to one hilarious issue.

“There was a brotherhood that got created between Tobey, Tom, and myself, and that’s healing as well. Between Tobey, Tom, and I, we were like, ‘Oh my God, you find it hard to pee in the suit? I find it hard to pee in the suit!’” he laughed. “And, you know, deeper versions of that as well.”

The relationship between characters remained important to Garfield. When Marc Webb cast Andrew Garfield in The Amazing Spider-Man, he focused on Andrew Garfield’s relationship with Emma Stone, who played Gwen Stacy.

“Jon Watts as a director is incredibly brilliant, smart, and funny, but also has a real big heart, and that’s what I find so moving,” Garfield told Zegler. “And what he creates with Zendaya and with Jacob [Batalon], it’s just this pure love. To be a part of it was incredibly fun and incredibly exciting.”

‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ actor wanted to keep the focus on Tom Holland’s Peter Parker

Despite Andrew Garfield in his Spider-Man suit again, the movie ultimately told Tom Holland’s Spider-Man story. Garfield wanted it to stay that way.

“It became a really cool exercise in making it not just a superficial moment for fans, but actually making it in service to Tom’s Peter Parker and Tom’s Spider-Man. That felt really, really important,” Garfield said.


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After Tobey Maguire signed for Spider-Man: No Way Home, Garfield followed not far behind. However, he was hooked from the first scene pitched to him.

“As a bonus, the first scene I was pitched … there’s a very emotional moment where there’s a rescue that my character is a part of, and that felt like the most healing thing for my Peter Parker. And you know, across universes, being able to rescue the love of my younger brother in this other multi-dimensional universe,” Garfield said. “That felt quite profound.”

After Andrew Garfield put on his Amazing Spider-Man suit again, the rest became history.