Andrew Zimmern’s Guacamole Hack Is a Surprising Utensil

Avocados and guacamole have become quite popular in recent years. According to Food Origins, guacamole is one of the most widely consumed snacks during the Super Bowl. These days it seems everyone has their way of making guacamole, from mashing to making it smooth.

Recently, Delish asked seven pro chefs how they make guacamole. While chef and TV personality Andrew Zimmern‘s guacamole wasn’t the most bizarre, he certainly makes his in an unusual way. 

Who is Andrew Zimmern?

Andrew Zimmern at AOL Studios in NYC.
Andrew Zimmern | Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

Zimmern is mostly known for his television show, Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern on the Travel Channel. In the show, Zimmern travels the world and tries strange food.

It is Zimmern’s goal to explain and explore other cultures through unique food. He is devoted to promoting cultural acceptance, tolerance, and understanding.

However, Zimmern is more than just a TV personality. According to his website, Zimmern is also a chef, writer, teacher, social justice advocate, Emmy, and four-time James Beard Award winner.

He won his first James Beard Award in 2010 for “Television Food Personality.” Then won two James Beards in 2013 and 2017 for “Outstanding Personality/Host.” He also won one in 2012 for “Television Program on Location.”

On top of all these accomplishments, his Travel Channel bio states Zimmern wrote three books. He is also a contributing editor for Food and Wine Magazine and Delta Sky Magazine

In addition to being the host of his shows Bizarre Foods with Andrew ZimmernBizarre Food: Delicious DestinationsAndrew Zimmern’s Driven by Food, and The Zimmern List, he is also the creator of these shows and co-executive producer. In his series The Zimmern List, he recounts his food memories and culinary history in a particular city. Zimmern then shows viewers why this city is fascinating to him. 

In February, Zimmern started a new show titled What’s Eating America. Next, in 2021, he plans to have a TV series on Chip and Joanna Gaines’ Magnolia Network called Family Dinner Show. Zimmern currently resides with his wife and son in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

The history of guacamole

Mesa Grapevine reports that the Aztecs invented guacamole in South Central Mexico, and Food Origins says it was before the 16th century. However, it is unclear is when exactly.

At the time, this society had low-fat diets. They found avocados improved their nutrition because avocados are high in fat and fiber. The Aztecs also believed it to be an aphrodisiac.

The original guacamole was made with only avocados and nothing else. Its original name was “ahuacamolli,” meaning avocado sauce. Eventually, more was added to guacamole, like spices, tomatoes, and onions.

It took a while for this delicious treat to reach the United States. This was because of a ban on Mexican avocado imports that lasted from the 1910s to 1997. 

Andrew Zimmern’s guacamole hack

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These days, you can make your guacamole however you like; there certainly is a lot of variety. One way is to make your guacamole like Zimmern.

To keep his guacamole creamy yet chunky, Zimmern uses a whisk. First, he mashes down the avocado. Then when a chunk is stuck to the whisk, he shakes it vigorously to make it smooth. He then uses the folding method, like you do when baking, as a way to keep the guacamole from being over-mixed.

Zimmern states: “To me, this is all about onion, lime, and salt.” He also said he likes to add Serrano pepper to his guac to taste a little citrus flavor and give a pop of heat. In addition to this, he suggests only using 85 percent of a lime’s juice. The last 15 percent of the juice tends to be too bitter.

So, the next time you want to make guacamole, try using a whisk!