Andy Cohen Blasts ‘The Real Housewives’ Fans: ‘Let Us Do Our Work’

Andy Cohen is the father of The Real Housewives as he serves as an executive producers of all the franchises. The Watch What Happens Live host is who fans turn to when they want some tea on the upcoming seasons. However, Cohen seems to feel a little exhausted from all the requests from viewers asking for trailers. The late-night show host blasted fans for their impatience and asked them to give them time to work.

Andy Cohen
Andy Cohen | Bravo

Andy Cohen is the boss of ‘The Real Housewives’

Cohen used to be an executive at Bravo in the development department. He was the one who brought in The Real Housewives of Orange County and found great success spinning it off into other cities. As the father of the franchises, he has become the face of the network and The Real Housewives.

Back in 2014, Cohen had Nene Leakes as a guest on WWHL and the tables were turned when he allowed her to ask any questions. Leakes didn’t hesitate to ask on the air if he had a hand in all the hiring and firings of the housewives.

“I do,” Cohen replied to a “shocked” Leakes.

“Oh my God, so if something ever happens to me, I need to come for you,” Leakes asked. 

“Yes,” Cohen answered while laughing at Leakes’ reaction.

When Leakes asked him what are the characteristics he looks for in a housewife he said, “Someone who is willing to be open, live their life fully in front of the cameras. Someone with a point of view, someone who, hopefully, has a sense of humor or funny, humorous or different in some way. And someone who will fit in with the group, hopefully, someone who knows people in the group and has a natural connection to the group.”

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Andy Cohen is seemingly annoyed

The Real Housewives are on-air year-round one way or the other. There is a whole generation of viewers that live and breathe content around the Bravo franchises. As Cohen is an active member of social media and constantly asking for viewer feedback, fans always go to him with their queries.

On a recent episode of WWHL, a fan asked Cohen if he could talk about The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 11 trailer that is rumored to be dropping soon. Cohen was seemingly annoyed with the tone of his response saying, “Pretty soon. And it’s really great. Everybody’s gonna love it.”

“I wake up every morning and people are like, ‘The Beverly Hills trailer today? The Beverly Hills trailer today?’ Then we release the trailer and the next day they’ll be like, ‘The Potomac trailer today?'” Cohen said of fans constantly hounding him for the trailers.

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“It’s like, there are three Housewives on their air right now. We just dropped the New York trailer, which everyone was dying for. So give us a chance people. Let us do our work and the trailers will come out,” Cohen continued. “People get very angry at me. I don’t decide when the trailers come out.”

Cohen advised fans to enjoy the current Housewives franchises on the air right now and the time will eventually come for the new ones to take over.