Andy Cohen Explains Why ‘RHOC’ Season 16 Is Not Filming Yet

Andy Cohen is the person everyone runs to when they need tea on The Real Housewives. As one of the executive producers on the show, Cohen calls the shots and is heavily involved in the production of the series. Fans have been wondering what is happening with The Real Housewives of Orange County and why season 16 has not started filming yet and Cohen finally explained.

Andy Cohen
Andy Cohen | Bravo

Why is ‘RHOC’ Season 16 on pause?

RHOC is the longest-running housewives show on Bravo right now as it was the first one produced. With 15 seasons on-air, the show has grown tired and some fans are even asking for a cast shakeup. To top it off, Kelly Dodd has been involved in many controversies that have generated a backlash against the show.

In a recent interview, Cohen revealed that RHOC is on hold for the time being and producers are in no rush to start filming the new season. Part of the reason behind it is because the cable network found a gem with The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City and rushed to produced a second season.

“The status of OC right now is that we’re just taking a pause. We’re in no rush to get into production,” Cohen told Variety. “One of the benefits of Salt Lake City coming out so strong out of the gate and becoming such a hit is you don’t need to be in such a rush then to get Orange County back, because you have more to play with.”

The cast of 'RHOC' Season 15
The cast of ‘RHOC’ Season 15 | Tommy Garcia/Yavir Ramawtar/Bravo

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Cohen acknowledged the fan outcry for a cast change on the Orange County-based show. However, the extra time they are taking between seasons, will be used to analyze what they want to do with the franchise next.

“There’s a clear hope from the fans that there’s some kind of shake-up. And I think we’re analyzing everything,” he added. “I think we just wanted to be really deliberate too. I mean, this is obviously the show that started everything for this franchise. And it’s really important, and it’s important that we keep getting it right.”

Andy Cohen gets annoyed with fans

As the face of Bravo, Cohen is often asked about everything going on in the network. With The Real Housewives franchises the most successful show on the cable channel, the TV host is hounded with queries about trailers for upcoming seasons. Some fans have been eager to watch the trailer for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 11 and put viewers on blast for constantly bombarding him asking for updates.

“I wake up every morning and people are like, ‘The Beverly Hills trailer today? The Beverly Hills trailer today?’ Then we release the trailer and the next day they’ll be like, ‘The Potomac trailer today?’” Cohen said on Watch What Happens Live of fans constantly hounding him for the trailers.

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Cohen pleaded with fans to enjoy all the current Housewives on the air right now and allow Bravo to do their job.

“It’s like, there are three Housewives on their air right now. We just dropped the New York trailer, which everyone was dying for. So give us a chance people. Let us do our work and the trailers will come out,” Cohen continued. “People get very angry at me. I don’t decide when the trailers come out.”