Andy Cohen Gives Viewers an Exclusive Tour of His Home Office, Which Is More Like a Pop Culture Museum

Now that Bravo producer Andy Cohen is working from home, he decided to give viewers a tour of his home office where he currently shoots Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen (at Home).

Andy Cohen
Andy Cohen | Bravo

When the home-based series launched, Cohen shared that viewers remarked how his home office resembled the Clubhouse. Cohen said the Clubhouse was actually modeled after his home office, which is filled with as much pop culture memorabilia as the Clubhouse.

He recently allowed viewers to explore the nooks and crannies inside his office, revealing a number of fascinating pieces of memorabilia and mementos from home.

He has plenty of music (of course)

As a huge music fan, Cohen has yards and yards of vinyl. “This is my old record collection from when I was in high school,” he says gesturing to oodles of records lining the window sill. The camera pans over to a vintage The Go-Go’s album on one side of the collection.

“Madness, ‘Our House’ the 12-inch mix,” Cohen remarks after pulling the album to admire it. “This is actually an amazing record collection.” A Diana Ross album is also peeking out behind a bookend as Cohen seems pretty enthusiastic about his collection.

Music fills Cohen’s life as he shows John Mayer’s “invitation” to his 40th birthday. “This is John Mayer’s invitation birthday,” Cohen says shaking a tambourine containing the invite. “He sent the tambourine and some other stuff.”

He also shows a classic microphone award that close friends Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos gave him. “I think this was to celebrate my first episode of Watch What Happens Live,” Cohen recalls. He has a Madonna lunchbox (plus he has a special Polaroid of Madonna from the “Madame X Tour,” which she sold to Cohen). He also has a Whitney Houston fan (but the actual fan part came off). “That’s from gay pride many years ago,” he says.

And, of course, what would Cohen’s office be without any Grateful Dead memorabilia? “Bravo once got me this. This is a Grateful Dead drum cover signed by the band,” he says.

His memorabilia game is strong

Cohen offers a nice shot of the infamous gold disco ball viewers now see quite often on the show. He has also kept old Soap Opera Digest magazines from his adolescence. Plus, he has every guest book maintained from WWHL.

He also has a bevy of cool art. Ripa and Consuelos gifted him a “case of Andy Warhol theme Dom Pérignon bottles” when he hosted his New Year’s Eve show. He then pivots to a bunch of “Farrah heads” flea market artwork. Plus he displays a grand painting that viewers will see more of in his hallway.

He also has a smattering of awards, which includes an Emmy and a Peabody for Project Runway. Cohen has a nice collection of Snoopy and Wacha memorabilia (of course). But he also has some surprising items. Like a signed Chuck Woolery photo and a letter from President Gerald Ford. Cohen wrote to Ford when he was young and he wondered why he wrote to Ford in the first place.

Cohen also shared his family used to own a big St. Louis-based food company called Allen Foods. He has a toy Allen Foods truck on his shelf. The company was 100 years old. “And then we sold the company,” he recalls.