Andy Cohen Reveals This Shocking Fact About Adoption and Surrogacy

Bravo producer Andy Cohen made a rare new dad appearance on The Today Show to discuss his new life as a dad. He reveals the more tender and heartwarming moments. But also remarked about the stark reality many parents face when it comes to adoption and surrogacy.

Cohen opted to become a parent via surrogacy. He said he weighed the options but chose surrogacy. Cohen told hosts Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb that surrogacy comes with a number of risks and expense.

Andy Cohen | Getty Images

Cohen also reminded viewers that surrogacy presents a number of legal challenges too. Plus, if he chose to adopt, he would have also faced another set of legal barriers.

Surrogacy is not legal in all 50 states

Cohen answered the question of why Benjamin was born to a surrogate in California instead of New York. “Surrogacy is illegal in New York,” Cohen told Guthrie and Kotb.

Laws are not overly clear cut too. In some states, like Texas, surrogacy is permitted. However, prospective parents must have judicial approval of contracts in advance, according to The Surrogacy Experience. Plus, only married couples can pursue surrogacy in the state.

A number of states with restrictions on surrogacy pertain only to married (and often heterosexual) couples. Single and gay parents do not appear to be recognized. States like California, Oregon, and Nevada are some of the most pro-surrogacy states. Whereas states like New York forbids surrogacy.

And adoption is denied in some states if you are gay

Some states make it difficult if not impossible to adopt if you are gay. Cohen noted this disturbing fact during his Today Show appearance too. Approximately 100,000 children are waiting for a foster or adoptive family in the United States, according to the American Civil Liberties Union. ACLU attorney, Leslie Cooper said preventing gay families from adopting ultimately hurts the children.

“What makes this flavor of anti-LGBT bill especially pernicious is that the people who bear the brunt of such laws are the children in the state foster care system who lose out on families that they desperately need,” she said, The Daily Beast reports.

A number of states are fighting against anti-LGBT bills that allow agencies to deny gay parent adoptions based on “religious freedom.” Approximately 10 states may deny adoption to a gay parent based on “religious beliefs,” according to the Movement Advancement Project. These states include Michigan, Kansas, South Dakota, North Dakota and more.

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