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A fan mistook a remark Bravo producer Andy Cohen made about President Donald Trump as a dig against the Real Housewives franchise. Cohen is a vocal opponent of Trump, often remarking on Trump’s Twitter tirades or other political posts.

Mary Schmidt-Amons, Lynda Erkiletian, Catherine Ommanney, Andy Cohen, Michaele Salahi, Stacie Turner
Mary Schmidt-Amons, Lynda Erkiletian, Catherine Ommanney, Andy Cohen, Michaele Salahi, Stacie Turner |William B. Plowman/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images

He recently commented on U.S. Senator, Josh Hawley’s tweet about forcing Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats to move forward with impeachment hearings in the Senate. Along with a Fox News video, Hawley tweeted, “It’s time to challenge Nancy Pelosi’s assault on the Constitution. Today I’m introducing a change to the Senate rules to force Pelosi & the Dems to send the Senate the impeachment articles for trial – or have them dismissed.”

Cohen quipped, “You are such a stooge dude.” Then added, “We have a cancelled tv star with a fifth of the intelligence of a Real Housewife running the show. The train’s left the station darling.” Even though he made a dig at Trump, a fan thought he was taking a shot at the Real Housewives cast.

He was taking a shot at Trump and not the ‘Real Housewives’

A fan called Cohen out for his remark. “So basically, @Andy is insinuating that #RealHousewives are not intelligent. So much for employee appreciation. I guess the only purpose these women serve is for @Andy and @BravoTV to exploit them and get richer at their expense,” a fan tweeted.

Cohen quickly responded that his comment was misunderstood. “That’s not what I was insinuating at all,” he responded. The fan then apologized for the misunderstanding and Cohen clarified. “I said they’re five times smarter than he is!”

In the past, Cohen joked about how Trump is like a first season Real Housewife. “POTUS is ‘like a Season 1 ‘Real Housewife’ who hasn’t figured out her hair and makeup,” he told The Washington Post. “But he will do or say anything to stay on this show. I’m amazed he’s still on the show. I would have fired him a long time ago.”

This isn’t the first time Cohen compared Trump to the ‘Housewives’

Cohen joked on Twitter about how Trump is fumbling around like an unseasoned cast member. In 2017 he had this response to Trump’s rant about the Clintons. “Sweetie you are a first season Real Housewife making stuff up to stay on the show.”

When a fan told Cohen to stay in his lane he came back with another Real Housewives reference. “Sweetie he is a reality star who has as much political experience as me. Or you. Or my cab driver.”

But then Cohen goes further. “Or Vicki Gunvalson. Or my dog.” Cohen may be the ideal critic of a president who comes from the reality show world. Another person asked Cohen what makes him qualified to comment but Cohen responded, “Because our president is a reality star?” Adding, “he’s declared bankruptcy countless times. but yeah he’s a real genius.”

When trouble seemed to be brewing with the ladies in the White House, Cohen had the perfect solution. “Only one person can mediate this! @FLOTUS#Ivana@itsmarlamaples@IvankaTrump please call me. Let’s do this. #RHOWHReunion,” he tweeted in 2017.