Andy Cohen Teases ‘The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City’

Andy Cohen is the father of all The Real Housewives as the credited producer for the Bravo franchise. The cities where these shows are based include Beverly Hills, Orange County, Dallas, New York City, New Jersey, Potomac, and Atlanta. A new city will join the established franchises and a new crop of Real Housewives from Salt Lake City will be launched.

Andy Cohen
Andy Cohen | Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM

The new franchise has begun filming in the state of Utah and Cohen has teased tidbits from the new show.

“Expect mountains, expect snow and expect, you know, some Mormons,” Cohen told Entertainment Tonight. “What would a Mormon Housewife look like? Stay tuned.”

Cohen said RHOSL would premiere sometime in 2020 but did not reveal the exact date.

“A production company brought us unbelievable women, and the cool thing about Salt Lake City is, they’re leading these aspirational lives,” Cohen added. “When you look at the footage, it is a fantasy life. For me, just the snow and the scenery and the lifestyle, it’s really cool.”

Andy Cohen says farewell to Vicki Gunvalson

As the Bravo world expands, some of the OGs that are now legends are saying farewell. Vicki Gunvalson from RHOC announced she was leaving after 15 years. Cohen dedicated a post to her and honoring her time on the long-running franchise.

“I remember the first reunion I did with Vicki Gunvalson. Occasionally our eyes would meet as I grilled the other women, and she would wink at me optimistically and effervescently as both of her deep dimples shone,” Cohen wrote on Instagram. “She kept winking at me Year after year, and it always made my heart smile. Vicki is an original, who remained her authentic self from her Family Van-freakout through her last reunion.”

Cohen has fond memories of Gunvalson and as the OG of all the Housewives, will always be remembered.

“It’s so hard to remain exactly who you are after being on television for so long, but Vicki is one of a kind,” he added. “Thank you for everything, Vicki Gunvalson – what a ride. And it’s not over. (This pic is actually from the Season 3 Reunion, and I always really liked it..).”

Andy Cohen weighs in about NeNe Leakes possibly quitting

Another OG that is possibly reaching the end of her time is NeNe Leakes. The RHOA star recently texted her friend Wendy Williams that she was quitting the Bravo reality series. It was Williams that revealed the news on her show sending fans for a spin.

Although Leakes has denied that she is leaving the show, it’s not the first time a housewife threatens to exit.

“A lot of people have been talking about NeNe [Leakes] texting Wendy Williams, saying that she quit the Housewives,” Cohen told ET. “I was telling someone, look, I get text messages from Housewives all the time saying, ‘I quit! That’s it. I quit!’ So, I say, OK, let’s take a pause. Let’s talk tomorrow, because maybe if we talk tomorrow, you won’t feel as heated as you do today about it, so it’s a natural process of the evolution of being a Housewife that you quit to me several times.”

Andy Cohen has a lot on his plate when it comes to the Real Housewives and fans are excited for what’s to come.