Andy Cohen Will Reveal His Most Embarrassing Stories in ‘The Andy Cohen Diaries’

Bravo executive producer Andy Cohen announced The Andy Cohen Diaries. The series recounts behind the scenes, but seriously embarrassing stories from his 10 years as a talk show host. 

Andy Cohen
Andy Cohen | Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank

“I’m Andy Cohen and these are real stories from my diaries,” Cohen narrates in the trailer. “After 10 years of hosting a talk show, I feel like my audience and I are connected besties. And now I’m doing the one thing I’ve been told not to do, share all of my super confidential stories.” 

The animated series, which will stream on Quibi will feature embarrassing stories. Cohen pondered, “Who is the most famous person I farted in front of?” The trailer teases that perhaps the answer is singer Celine Dion. Cohen also promises to “get up close and way too personal” in the six-episode series. The series follows his New York Times bestselling books. “The Andy Cohen Diaries” and “Superficial: More Adventures from the Andy Cohen Diaries,” which have clearly set the tone and the stage for the playful series. 

Cohen plans to dish about some pretty big stars 

The animated series will also feature cartoon versions of some of his special guests. “Get up close and way too personal, with appearances from Celine Dion, George R. R. Martin, multiple Housewives, the Kardashians and Sarah Jessica Parker drinking cosmos, which makes every gay bone in my body tingle,” he shared in the clip. 

Some of the animated guests have spilled plenty of tea on Cohen’s talk show Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. Plus, Cohen seemed to have a special fondness for Dion. He admitted he got “giddy with anticipation” when Dion finally agreed to appear on WWHL

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“I’m so giddy with anticipation for Céline Dion to make her Clubhouse debut that I feel like Rose in Titanic, before the boat sunk!” Cohen told People, Bravo’s The Daily Dish reports. “She is a singular force in music and we will celebrate her as such!” Dion made her first appearance in November 2019.

Cohen also has a long history with pal Sarah Jessica Parker

Cohen and Parker have enjoyed a long friendship and Cohen shared that Parker doesn’t forget a face. “I mean, yeah, she’s really thoughtful,” he told Out, Bravo’s The Daily Dish reported in 2015. “She’s one of those people who doesn’t forget a person that she meets. Like, if she met you, and saw you two years from now, she’d be like ‘Oh, hey! I remember you!’”

He shared that he met Parker when he was at CBS. “We met when I was a producer on The Morning Show, at CBS,” he said. “I saw her a year later when I was at the first Vanity Fair party, I was behind the rope, interviewing people. And she remembered me from that day.”

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Cohen added that “she’s as wonderful as you could possibly imagine. I mean, she’s really great.” Cohen and Parker often appear on each other’s Instagram.