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Season 7 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine premieres on Feb. 6 on NBC. As part of the promotion for the upcoming season, Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Andy Samberg appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. On the show, Samberg revealed he really wants Bruce Willis to cameo on Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Andy Samberg
Andy Samberg | Nathan Congleton/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images

Andy Samberg and Jimmy Fallon talked about the upcoming season of ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’

During his appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Samberg discussed season 7 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

“And what’s happening this season?” Fallon asked. “And it got picked up for another season! That’s a good investment.”

“It’s crazy,” Samberg said.

“I heard the plot for this season is very funny,” Fallon said.

“Thank you,” Samberg said. “I think so. The writers are great.”

Fallon agreed, saying, “No, they are. They’re really great.”

Samberg then launched into a brief summary of what fans can expect from season 7 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

“Last season ends with Andre Braugher’s character, Captain Holt, getting demoted… We’re all his bosses now and he’s having trouble adjusting,” Samberg said.

“And that would never happen in real life, would it?” Fallon asked.

“I don’t think so,” Samberg replied.

“But it makes for some good comedy,” Fallon said.

Andy Samberg has one dream cameo for ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’

After briefly talking about the show’s new season and how Brooklyn Nine-Nine differs from real life, Samberg told Fallon about his dream guest for the show.

“Is there any dream guest stars that you would want on the show?” Fallon asked. “‘Cause you’ve had everybody on there. I’ve seen Bill Hader on there be funny. Maya’s been very funny. Sandler. Adam Sandler was on your show.”

“Sandman was on there,” said Samberg.

“Is there any dream guests?” Fallon asked again.

“For us, there’s one,” Samberg said. “My character’s obsessed with Die Hard. So we’ve long said getting Bruce Willie would be, like, a huge thing.”

“Bruce Willis watches our show,” Fallon said.

“Does he watch it?” Samberg asked.

“He watches our show all the time,” Fallon said.

Samberg said, “I mean, I’ve appealed many times for this. I think maybe he’s waiting for the end to surprise us and, like, shock the world, or he hates me.”

A preview clip from the new season played

After pleading for Willis to appear on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Fallon showed a clip from the new season. The brief clip shows a portion of a scene that has been featured in a few trailers. As the squad tries to investigate a crime, Holt keeps popping up. In the clip Fallon showed, Charles Boyle sings to Jake Peralta as the two look over a crime scene.

“Okay, the bullet lodged there is 4 feet below the hole in the backdrop, indicating a trajectory of about 15 degrees, which means the shot was taken from either the second or third floor of one of the buildings across the plaza,” Peralta says.

Boyle continues singing as Peralta rules out which building the suspect shot from.

Peralta begins to figure it out and says, “… which means the shooter must have been located…”

Then Holt appears and interrupts him.

“On the sky bridge,” he says.

Both Peralta and Boyle seem confused at Holt’s appearance.

“Officer Holt,” Peralta says. “I thought I stationed you… not here.”