Angela Yee Explains Why She Does Not Consider Her ‘Breakfast Club’ Co-Host, Charlamagne Tha God, as Her Friend

Charlamagne Tha God and Angela Yee have not been on the best of terms since Charlamagne’s infamous interview with Gucci Mane. Yee allegedly felt disrespected by both parties in the interview and there were many awkward moments on the show in the immediate aftermath. Yee had admitted that things are still murky between her and Charlamagne and recently explained why she does not consider Charlamagne to be her friend. 

How the tension between Angela Yee and Charlamagne Tha God began

Charlamagne has been expanding his personal brand outside of The Breakfast Club for some time now. In addition to publishing two books that landed on the New York Times Best Seller list, the radio host has become an advocate for mental health. He also has a successful podcast and a new YouTube show where he interviews celebrities and leaders in various spaces.

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In his interview with rapper Gucci Mane, the rapper spoke about his issues with Yee and DJ Envy. Mane accused Yee and Envy having him banned from the show after he confronted Yee about her allegedly trying to date him in the past. In the one-on-one interview with Charlamagne, he referred to Yee as a “punk a** b**ch.” His comments about Yee were viewed as harsh and disrespectful.

Though Charlamagne told Mane that he hoped he could get on one accord with Yee and DJ Envy, Mane responded with a firm, “F**k them,” and concluded the conversation. 

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Yee spoke out after the interview and admitted that she did not agree with Charlamagne’s response to Mane in the interview. She also alleged that there were several instances in the past that caused a rift between her and her co-host.

Angela Yee explains why Charlamagne Tha God is not her friend

Yee recently appeared on the FOX Soul series Out Loud and when asked by host Claudia Jordan if the incident led to tension between her and her co-host, Yee admitted that things are odd because her and Charlamagne are not close.

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“I think the reason that happened was probably because we’re not like friends,” she said. “Everybody’s not your friend – some people are people that you are acquaintances with, some people are people you work with, some people are family members, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re friends with each other.”

Yee also explained that the reason she feels Charlamagne did not speak up for her in the interview with Mane is because she says the interview was “a big moment” for Charlamagne in his career. She also said that she was not shocked that Charlamagne allowed the conversation between he and Mane to continue and chalks it up to her and her co-host as having a different moral compass.

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“Some people are interested in feuds and getting that up and for me, there’s a lot of things in my life that I’ve never done. I’ve never been like ‘Oh I gotta date a celebrity’,” Yee explained. “I just want to do my job and morally, there’s a lot of things I won’t do but everybody’s morals I guess aren’t on the same level.”

In spite of what transpired, Yee promises that she harbors no ill will toward Charlamagena and would never allow someone to disrespect him in the same manner that she felt she was disrespected. She also said that she let Charlamagne know how she felt about the interview – but that he had a different opinion.

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Rumors have surfaced that both Yee and Charlamagne are considering leaving the show for other opportunities and both have admitted that they have yet to sign a new contract with the station.