Angelina Jolie Pushed Salma Hayek’s Face Into a Cake

Birthday celebrations are not a new thing, but in Hollywood, they are done quite differently. Tinseltown has adopted a reputation for having extravagant birthday parties in honor of the various A-listers in the industry, with each one looking to top the other.

Recently, Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard actor Salma Hayek celebrated her 55th birthday with her close friends and family surrounding her. One of the guests in the ceremony was Mr. & Mrs. Smith actor Angelina Jolie, and part of the festivities included Jolie pushing Hayek’s face into a cake. Find out why.

Angelina Jolie and Salma Hayek have a lot in common

Jolie and Hayek are two of Hollywood’s most prominent female actors, and their recently developed friendship is just too wholesome. Hayek has proven that she has the same feelings as us when it comes to Jolie’s acting skills. The 55-year-old actor fangirled over Jolie in an interview calling Jolie “a legend.”

Hayek admitted that she was at first cautious about approaching Jolie but realized she was “such as a sweetheart- such a wonderful mother.” The Like A Boss star gushed about the Girl, Interrupted star’s motherhood skills and applauded her for not being out there, saying Jolie was “kind of private.”

Aside from their long-standing acting careers and motherhood, Hayek and Jolie bond over their shared passion for humanitarian work. Jolie was made an honorary dame in 2014 by Queen Elizabeth II for her work as a special envoy for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees at the UN.

Additionally, The Maleficent star sits on the board of directors of the Preventive Sexual Violence Initiative and recently worked with National Geographic to document the decline of the global bee population.

Hayek has also had her own share of activism over the years. She has been involved in activism for 30 years and has worked on several projects, including with her husband, Francois-Henri Pinault, for various causes. She is a champion for women and children and advocates for HIV/AIDS education and global warming.

Angelina Jolie shoved Salma Hayek’s face into a cake

'Maleficent Mistress of Evil': Angelina Jolie at photocall
Angelina Jolie | Marilla Sicilia/Archivio Marilla Sicilia/Mondadori Portfolio

Hayek recently ushered in her 55th year with a group of close friends and family involved in the celebration. The party festivities included a Mexican tradition that involved Jolie pushing Hayek’s face into a cake. Hayek shared the video on her Instagram page with her millions of followers with the caption, “my brother @hayekstudio and me trying to teach Angie how to do the Mexican Mordad.”

The guests all around chanted “Mordad!” which, as Insider points out, was a reference to the tradition where a guest pushes the guest of honor’s face into their birthday cake before they take the first bite.

Hayek can be seen in the video encouraging a somewhat reluctant Jolie to push her, saying, “do it.” The Tomb Raider star screamed and covered her mouth after shoving her new best friend’s face into the cake.

Hayek marked her 55th birthday with an Instagram photo of herself in a blue one-piece swimsuit standing on a tropical beach with the caption “Happy 55th birthday to me. Looking forward to new adventures.”

Angelina Jolie and Salma Hayek have appeared in a Marvel project together

The two starred in Eternals, with Hayek playing Ajak and Jolie playing Thena. The Eternals are a group of immortal aliens who emerged after the Blimp happened. Their mission on Earth is to protect humans from evil Deviants.

Hayek’s character Ajak can heal and acts as a bridge between the Celestials and the Eternals. The movie changed Ajak’s gender to allow Hayek to play her, embrace her femininity, and make her the ‘Mother’ of the group.

Jolie’s character is a warrior who has the ability to fashion any weapon she imagines out of cosmic energy. The actor trained extensively using spears and weapons to prepare for her role.

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