Angelina Pivarnick Says ‘Jersey Shore’ Has Been ‘Tiring to Live Through’

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation has been a wild ride since Angelina Pivarnick came back. This season has focused on the drama that occurred at Pivarnick’s November 2019 wedding — and fans can’t wait for the June 4 episode to air. 

Pivarnick recently spoke out on social media about the events of her wedding day. She also spoke about the relationships she has with her roommates and how ‘tiring’ it has been to live through her time on the MTV series. 

Angelina Pivarnick 'Jersey Shore'
Angelina Pivarnick | Photo by Santiago Felipe/WireImage

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Angelina is still mad about what happened at her wedding 

Jersey Shore has teased Pivarnick’s wedding all season long. June 4, fans will finally get to hear the infamous wedding speech Deena Cortese, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, and Jenni “JWoww” Farley delievered. “[They] made some jokes about Angelina,” a source shared with Us Weekly. “The audience at the wedding booed them. Their jokes were all in good fun, but they didn’t land, and some didn’t think they were kind.” Another insider told E! News that the roommates refer to Pivarnick as “trash” in their speech. 

‘Snooki,’ ‘JWoww,’ and Deena reportedly didn’t write the speech

A former MTV producer discussed the logistics of Pivarnick’s wedding on Reddit. “Angelina’s wedding was paid for by the network, production, and sponsors,” the producer said. As such, she had to sign contracts that forfeited control of her special day.

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“Production [likely told Angelina] that Jenni, Deena, and Nicole would need to be in her bridal party and that they would need to make speeches at her wedding reception,” the producer added. They also said Pivarnick was likely aware of the speeches and the “negative slant” they had. In this way, production was able to achieve a cliffhanger ending for Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Season 3. 

Angelina breaks her silence 

Over the years, Pivarnick has earned a skewed reputation amongst Jersey Shore fans. The besmudgery! After leaving the series twice, Pivarnick came back during Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Season 2. Throughout season 3, Pivarnick and the rest of the roommates seemingly make amends. In “Rewriting History,” each roommate gives Pivarnick a sentimental gift for the times she missed. These gifts were a way for the original roommates to welcome Pivarnick back into the family. 

After the episode aired, fans took to social media in Pivarnick’s defense. “Girl, you need better friends,” one fan wrote. “You’re so sweet and funny. The constant bashing of your name is so tiring to see.” Pivarnick retweeted with the reply: “It is also tiring to live through it. Trust me, it’s very hard. And yes, from now on, I will be very hesitant about who I let into my life and what I tell people.” 

In another Tweet, Pivarnick touched on her wedding and what she learned by having it be televised.

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“It’s been really hard for Angelina even though time has passed since the wedding,” a source explained to HollywoodLife. “She’s looking forward to viewers seeing what happened and her side [of the story].” Fans are just as excited to see the penultimate episode and form their own opinions. 

After Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Season 3 concludes, will Pivarnick sever ties with her former roommates? Only time will tell.